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Long Time Photographer Yossi Melamed Passes Away

Yossi Melamed, a veteran photographer for the Alegemeiner Journal passed away. Yossi Melamed chronicled over 30 years many important events in the New York Jewish community. His pictures were carefully stored and dated.

Over the years he photographed tens of events at 770 for the Algemeiner Journal. He related to Rabbi Dovid Zakliowski director of Lubavitch Archives, after giving him many of his pictures to share with the public, about one of the times he was the only to photograph a special event with the Rebbe.


  • 1. May his memory be for a Blessing wrote:

    Boruch Dayan Haemes
    He captured so many incredible moments in Jewish history, and I hope that the merit of every single one of those events comes back a trillion fold and beyond in Olam Haboh. Yehi Zecher Tzaddik Livrocha. He was a mentch, a beautiful man.

  • 2. the archives wrote:

    lubavitch archives is doing amazing work with historical pics. hatzloche

  • 3. So I-m Confused wrote:

    Did he give his photos to Lubavitch Archives, or was JEM the one to acquire it?

  • 4. Ani hakoton omer wrote:

    It seems that prior to JEM’s purchase of his collection he shared a sampling of his photos with zaklikovsky

  • 5. re: Ani hakoton omer wrote:

    we never see anything from jem.. so it is too bad that the archives does not have all the pictures.. a sad day in Lubavitch.

  • 6. Ani hakoton omer wrote:

    I suggest you subscribe to jem. Then you will find out what many of us know jem gives out many things during the year besides for the hundreds of requests they receive for specific photos and videos by individuals and organizations that they happily fulfill.


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