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Boruch Dayan Hoemes – Rabbi Dovid Raskin OBM

With sadness we inform you of the passing, after a lengthy illness, of HaRav HaChossid, HaRav Hatomim Rabbi Dovid Raskin OBM, Menahel of Tomchei Tmimim 770, Menahel of Tzach and a member of Aguch. He was 84 years old.

The Levaya will take place tomorrow, Wednesday leaving Shomrei Hadas at 9:45 am and passing by 770 at 10:45 am.

Baruch Dayan Haemes


  • 1. IMPORTANT!!!!! wrote:

    The family of R’ Sholom Ber Raskin – London, has asked that no one inform him of his brother’s passing

  • 2. Respect you elders wrote:

    It has long been said that a father can take care of ten children, but ten children can not take care of one father. Rabbi Raskin has been a father to all of us for many years. worked tirelessly under the Rebbe to make sure we all had what we needed. unfortunate, that when he got sick you can not even find one Bochur from Tomchei Temimim to be with him and spend some memorable time with him. The torah tells us, respect your parents and you will be granted long life. Even more so to respect your teacher. What is long life if we have no respect. R’ Dovid will not be forgotten. He was a great man, humble and respectful. May his children find comfort and peace. G-D Bless.

  • 3. Raskin wrote:

    At a farbrengen somone called out “Dovid doo farshtelst” the Rebbe responded “Dovid is nist kein halem af mir” A real Chosid.

  • 4. malcab wrote:

    I first met Rabbi Raskin while working for tzach and Rabbi Shmuel Butman. With my limited Yiddish and his limited English we still found q way to communicate.

    Rabbi Raskin went out of his way daily foe me. Always callingthe office to say good morning, making sure I had a place for shabbos or yom tov or any else needed.

    As a new Val tzuvah then is was greatly appreciated. He will be truly miss.

    To his family, may the qbishter bring you comfort.

  • 5. to number 3 wrote:

    What are you on about???
    Why are crying about something that happened in the past???
    Perhaps you are right and so… what are you gaining from venting???
    In any case one should not look for faults in bnei Avraham Yitzchak and Yakov. That job has already been given to the Satan and he doesn’t need helpers!

  • 6. watch what you write wrote:

    To #3: I found your comment distastful. Did you visit Rabbi Raskin regularly to know that you know that he had no visitors? When was the last time Rabbi Raskin was involved in the yeshiva, that you’re expecting young bochurim to have a relationship with him?

    Now to horaos: Do you know of anyone in the neighborhood who should be visited by the community?

  • 7. The Family wrote:

    The family in LONDON, has asked, that his brother, R’ Sholem Ber, of London, should NOT be told about R’ Dovids passing;
    Besuros Tovos

    Thank you

  • 8. to number 6 wrote:

    Yes there is someone who would appreciate your visits.. Rabbi wilansky, he is currently at ‘kingsbrook jewish medical center..

  • 9. A. DUBSOHN wrote:

    reb dovid was a real chosid: he was loyal to the rebbe-he never sold out the rebbe for anything in the world, he was totally botul to the rebbe, he had no tziur – what ever was needed for the rebbe he was always ready to do, he never lost focus in he`s life: 770 was he`s address, and all he had in he`s mind was to always be mekusher with the rebbe, to do the rebbe`s kavono, and to bring nachas ruach to the rebbe.

    to whom will we look up today???

    hamokoim yinacheim eschem besoich shaar aveilei tzioin birusholoim, and from now and on should be only simchois and bsurois toivois.


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