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TRAGEDY: Daughter Of The Shliach in Kiryat Arba Passes Away in Tragic Fire

Mushky OB”M distributing food to the needy in Kiriyat Arba. Photo:

Chaya Mushka Attaya Z”L a Shlucha of 8 years old and daughter to Shliach R. Victor Attaya to Kiryat Arba – Chevron passed away in a fire. A little after 12:00pm (GMT +2:00 Jerusalem Time) word was received of a fire in a home adjacent to that of the Attaya’s with a girl trapped inside.

Fire and Police responded to the burning home gained control over the fire immidiatly, but were too late to save the girls life, she passed away on scene from her injuries. The cause for the fire is still under investigation.

Mushky was a student in the second grade at Bais Chaya school in Beitar Eilit, and was loved by everyone who knew her. The Levaya left from the Atiya residence at 5:30 this evening, and she was laid to rest in the Jewish Cemetery in Chevron. Barouch Dayan HoEmes.