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Baruch Dayan Hoemes – Rabbi Yisroel (Izzy) Rosenfeld OBM

With profound sadness we inform you of the passing of Rabbi Yisroel (Izzy) Rosenfeld OBM at the age of 68, Reb Yisreol was an ‘Osek Betzorchei Tzibur’, a great Baal Chesed and never turned a person away when asking for help. He was the director of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council for many years and contributed countless and devoted hours to the community.

He is survived by his wife Mirel, and his children Elimelech (Miami, FL), Tzemach (Loas Angeles, CA), Moshe (Crown Heights), Chani Labkowski (Monsey, NY), Shmuly (Crown Heights), along with his many grandchildren.

The Levaya will take place today, Monday and will be leaving the Shomrei Hadaas Chapel at 1:30pm and will be passing by 770 at around 2:00pm.

Baruch Dayan Hoemes.


  • 1. Josh L wrote:

    Such sad news. Boruch Dayan Hoemes

    He was truly one of the great people that I knew from Crown Heights from the time I first met him when I was a little boy. He was always so happy and always willing to help out anyone.

    This is such terrible loss, I wish I knew what to say.

  • 3. A family friend wrote:

    This is very sad news. He was a very committed soldier of the Rebbe who was enlisted and entrusted by the Rebbe on many occasions to carry out tasks both private on public.

    Oh the good old days!

  • 5. Binyomin wrote:

    Izzy was a wonderful person. I recall some 50 years ago when he was the “nurse” in CGY Swan Lake and came running when a counselor was injured by a ball during a game

  • 6. Askan wrote:

    A very special man passed on. A man who gave his life for the Rebbe and the community and died abandoned and forgotten. Most people younger than 20 don’t even know who Izzy was. I hope that there is a big Levaya and that the proper Mechila will be asked for. Izzy will forgive. He was a very kind man.

    Maybe Izzy will use his energy up there to make things happen and bring Moshiach down.

    Izzy, I love you and I will miss you dearly.

  • 7. levi wrote:

    Boruch Dayan Hoemes. For the few minutes that i had the pleasure of talking to him on a few occasions i felt blessed to come in contact with such a warm and caring person. May his family and especially shmuly, my former classmate, be comforted with the mourners of zion and know of only simchas.

  • 9. mark levin wrote:

    izzy was very sick the last year and half and he suffered tremendous pain and suffering he was a great tzaddik in our community what a great loss barely anyone took the time to visit him the great mitzvah of bikur cholim takes 1 70th of the sickness away it says in the torah my dear shchuna when a wonderfull man like izzy is sick in the hospital how can you just sit back and go on with your lifes if only people would of visited him would of made his last year and half alot easier unfortanetly we lost a great man izzy you will be greatly missed your neshoma is like malach

  • 11. reader wrote:

    Rabbi Rosenfeld had a lot of Ahavas Yisrael and was a backbone of the community.
    Maybe if family members would want, the community council or your site can post names of people from the community who would want to be visited in hospitals. We shouldn’t have to wait to hear bad news, chas v’Shalom.

  • 12. Chayim wrote:

    Boruch dayan emes

    I remember Izy as someone was dedicated beyond measure to the shchuna. When people have the image of 9-5 employees, izy was someone who worked very late into the night in his office which was in a bad part of the shchuna. He was very dedicated to helping people.

    He had a very close connection to the rebbe and the rebbe used to get involved in his persoanl life and helped him when he had truble.

    I do not live in CH for many years but it pains me to know that he was sick and neglected in his last years. If the rebbe was here that would not have happened.

  • 13. Vanessa Daniels wrote:

    I was 17 when I met Rabbi Yisorel Rosenfeld (Izzy). It was in 1977 after the blackout. He saw me & another girl trying to make a few dollars cleaning up the aftermath on Utica Ave. and took us under his wing. I believe that is when the Crown Heights/Utica Ave. Merchants Assoc. was created. He took me & several of my friends to City Hall to sit in on a meeting to get funding for the community and boy was he successful. There were summer jobs, regular jobs, funds…funds…funds for everyone. As I became a young adult if ever I needed a letter of recommendation or anything… I could get it from Izzy. I am 49 now and I was speaking to a friend this morning about Izzy and how nice this man was & decided to try to contact him to give him a blast from the past only to find that he had passed on earlier this year. Your husband/father was a beautiful person who was always willing to help others & he
    will always be remembered by this now older, Baptist black girl. You See… beauty has no color.

  • 14. Richard wrote:

    Sorry I’m 4 years late.. but Rabbi Rosenfeld was my 8th grade teacher at YCQ in 1971. He attended my Bar Mitzvah. He was a great teacher and friend.
    May His Memory Be Blessed.


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