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Photo Gallery: Mivtzoim at the New Hampshire Primaries

MANCHESTER, NH [CHI] — Lubavitch of New Hampshire under the directorship of Rabbi Levi Krinsky and his wife Mrs. Shternie Krinsky, were busy at work as candidates garnished votes, laying Tefillin and arranging Minyanim.

More pictures in the Extended Article!


  • 2. head counselor summer samach zayin wrote:

    Yasher Koach to the greatest shluchim in New Hampshire! Hurray for the Krinskys! Much continued success in all of your hardwork and future endeavors!

  • 3. todros wrote:

    Great work Rabbi Krinsky, keep it up. About time you received a little press.

  • 4. HubRachmunis wrote:

    Someone please send this guy your donations! theychabad house looks like they can realy use it!

  • 5. Yisroel wrote:

    Its not the Chabad house, just some rented space they got donated in downtown for this specific purpose.


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