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Mazal Tov! – 15 Sholom Zochors This Week!

Yudi and Sarah (nee Spangenthal) Dukes (Crown Heights).
IY“H at 1229 President Street #1C [between New York and Nostrand]

Srully and Toby (nee Miller) Menkes (Crown Heights).
IY”H at 706 Montgomery St. [between Kingston and Albany Ave]

Yitzchok and Doba (nee Raskin) Rimler (Crown Heights).
IY“H at 1266 Carroll St, [between Brooklyn and New York Ave].

Schneur and Tzipi (nee Gourarie) Schneerson (Crown Heights).
IY”H at 1453 President St. [between Kingston and Albany Ave]

Yehuda and Chaya (nee Gutnick) Hoch (Melburne, Australia).

Yossi and Raizy (nee Katzman) Cohen (Lakewood, NJ).
IY“H at 1227 President St. Apt. 1A [between New York and Nostrand Ave].

Shaul and Sheindel (nee Schtroks) Levertov (Crown Heights).
IY”H at 1572 President St, [between Troy and Schenectady Ave]

Shmuli and Rivky (nee Alevsky) Friedman (Crown Heights)
IY“H at 701 Montgomery St. [between Kingston and Albany Ave]

Levi and Dini (nee Rotenberg) Hecht (Crown Heights)
IY”H at 825 Eastern Parkway [between Kingston and Albany Ave]

Mordechai and Chavie (nee Lezell) Palace (Crown Heights)
IY“H at 1365 Carroll St. APT 1C [between Kingston and Brooklyn Ave]

Hershel and Esther Friedman (Crown Heights)
IY”H at 935 Eastern Parkway [between Albany and Troy Ave]

Shloimie and Brocho Sternberg (Crown Heights)
IY“H at 626 E. New York Ave [between Kingston and Albany Ave]

Yisroel and Rochel Leah (nee Saul) Broocker (Morristown, NJ)
IY”H at 34 Tikvah Way, Morristown, NJ

Meir and Yifat (nee Russ) Szarfer (Toronto, Canada)
IY“H at 7440 Bathurst Street Apt 201, Thornhill, ON, Canada

Yair and Chanie (nee Greisman) Yelin (San Marcos, CA)
IY”H at 1739 Turnberry Dr. San Marcos, CA

Unfortunately we could not get the locations for all the Sholom Zochors this week. If you know of any Sholom Zochors or Mazal Tovs you can email it to us at mazaltov@crownheights.info! Thank You.


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