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Mazal Tov! – 14 Sholom Zochors This Week!

Chaim and Rivky (nee Wilansky) Perel
IY“H at 1455 Carroll St [between Albany and Troy Ave].

Michoel and Rivky (nee Glassner) Goldin
IY”H at 760 Montgomery St Apt 2A, [between Albany and Troy Ave].

Yacov and Devora (nee Holtzberg) Young
IY“H at 1419 President St [between Kingston and Albany Ave].

Chaim and Sarah (nee Jaffe) Schwartz
IY”H at 349 Crown St, [between Brooklyn and New York Ave].

Chezky and Chani (nee Rapoport) Landa
IY“H at 715 Empire Blvd, [between Albany and Troy Aves].

Shimon and Chanie Kramer
IY“H at 620 Montgomery St, [between Kingston and Brooklyn Ave].

Shmuel and Tzipporah Hahn
IY“H at 720 Lefferts Ave, [between Troy and Schenectady Ave].

Shmulik and Alisa Boymelgreen
IY“H at 1286 President Street [between Brooklyn and New York]

Itche and Chana Kayla Hildeshaim
IY“H at 485 Brooklyn Ave [between Sterling St and Lefferts Ave]

Moshe and Rivkah Field
IY“H at 17120 NE 14th Avenue, North Miami Beach, FL.

Dovid Leib and Malka Cohen
IY“H at 2463 NE 202nd St, [between NE 24th and NE 25th Ave] Aventura, FL.

Chen and Dvora (nee Nir) Barak.
IY”H at 5030 Woodman Ave. #1 Sherman Oaks CA 91423.

Avraham and Shayna (nee Katuna)
IY“H at 4009 Paul Robart Ct. – Las Vegas NV

Yisroel and Shoshi Goldberg
IY”H at 16 Phillips Hill Road, New City, NY

Unfortunately we could not get the locations for all the Sholom Zochors this week. If you know of any Sholom Zochors or Mazal Tovs you can email it to us at mazaltov@crownheights.info! Thank You.

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  • 1. Shmuli wrote:

    Hey Techi,

    great job with the sholom zochers. I like the “[between…]” part in particular.

    I don’t want to remind myself the time I walked to Union and New York for a sholom Zocher in the snow and freezing tempratures and only then did I notice that the Sholom Zocher was bet Kingston and Albany [half the distcance from my house].

    great job,
    keep the news flowing.


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