Stamford Hill Shomrim Volunteer Assaulted by Thugs


A Shomrim member was viciously assaulted in Stamford Hill, London on Tuesday night, in what volunteer neighborhood watch group says was the first attack ever against a volunteer.

Shomrim tells YWN they were alerted to a group of teens vandalizing Jewish-owned vehicles on Spring Hill, which has been a recent trend in the primarily Jewish neighborhood. A Shomrim member arrived at the scene at around 8:30PM, and police were called.

After exiting his vehicle along with the complainant, the member was suddenly attacked with a large object and repeatedly punched in the face. He sustained serious damage to his eye, and was rushed to a hospital by Hatzola.

The attackers ran off into the nearby Springfield Park, where they could not be followed in the darkness.

The victim, in his mid-20s, is a resident of the neighborhood and is an Avrech in a local Yeshiva.

Shomrim shared a close-up photo of the victim that showed him with a bloodied eye. A Shomrim spokesman said it was the first attack against one of its members since the group was established in 2008.

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  • 1. So sad wrote:

    I hope he’ll fully recover. The beasts, like animals hiding in the dark, should steadily be caught. Hopefully in England they will be punished instead of being sent home to Mama.


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