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Seven Seconds After Midnight, Frum Couple has First Baby of 2019


The first baby born in Nassau County Long Island in 2019 was born to Eli and Adina Derdik.

The 7 pound, 13 ounce baby was born seven seconds after midnight at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park.

Newsday is reporting that the Derdiks, observant Jews from Kew Gardens Hills, Queens, will wait to name their boy until after a bris next week.

WABC reports that in the meantime they are calling him “007.”


  • 2. BH wrote:

    I hope all are doing wel and healthy.

    You know these babys usually get gifts from huggies and pampers…..

  • 4. just missed tax cut wrote:

    Just 7 seconds too late to get a deductible for 2018.. lol.

    But the main thing is a healthy and happy baby, may the parents have a lot of nachas!

    • 5. Tax cut wrote:

      My daughter was born Dec 31 (not 2018!) As my husband came down in the elevator the next day a goy was bemoaning that his new baby was born on Jan 1. Typical goyishe mentality, instead of being thankful for a healthy child he was annoyed.

      Mazeltov to the new parents!

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