Jewish Children in Israel Forced to Pray at Mosque

The Yad L’Achim organization turned to Education Minister Naftali Bennet earlier this week demanding that he put an immediate halt to all contacts between his ministry and “A New Way,” the NGO that brought Jewish children from Caesarea to a mosque to bow down and pray in keeping with Islamic custom.

A New Way, which receives funding from the New Israel Fund, organized the class trip as part of its effort to promote “coexistence between Jews and Arabs.” The tour of the nearby Arab town of Jisr a-Zarka included a visit to the local mosque together with Muslim children of similar ages. Upon entering the mosque, the Jewish children participated in prayers and bowed down to the ground. According to Channel 20, which exposed the affair, several of the parents said their children had been required to participate in the ceremony.

Channel 20 also revealed that A New Way has being working hand in hand with the Education Ministry for the past 18 years, running its programs in a not insignificant number of schools. Now it is clear that the “innocent” attempt at promoting mutual understanding and respect leads to joint prayers in mosques.

Yad L’Achim officials, shocked by the pictures Jewish children bowing down at a mosque, sent an urgent missive to the education minister, who also serves as chairman of the Jewish Home party.

In their letter, Yad L’Achim’s leaders wrote: “Assimilation in Israel is masquerading as a yearning for multi-culturalism. Jewish identity, the backbone and core values of the Jewish people, is dealt a blow, here in Israel, out of a desire to show tolerance towards other religions. It begins with a bill to advance the “Holiday of Holidays” – legislating a joint celebration of Jewish, Muslim and Christian holidays in December – and continues with joint prayers in a mosque. If we don’t come to our senses, it will end, chalilah, with baptism. The Education Ministry must sever all ties with the NGO and forbid it from running programs in schools so that this kind of thing doesn’t happen again.”

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  • 1. no one special wrote:

    Is anyone paying attention?
    Shame on anyone responsible for the “political correctness” that funds & allows the destruction of Jewish souls.

  • 2. Georgia Jewish Proud wrote:

    I am horrified !!! Jewish children must never be made to pray at a mosque or at a church. We, the Jewish people, are the most tolerant people in the world. Why do this to innocent Jewish children ? When are Moslem children brought to synagogues to learn to pray ? No, Moslem children are taught to hate and to kill Jewish people while at Mosque schools. This is multiculturalism run amok. This is nonsense. Get rid of NGO and leave our Jewish children alone. Do not fall for this “teach them tolerance.” Teach them to follow the Laws of Torah and the laws of the State of Israel.Teach them pride in their Jewishness and pride in the State of Israel.

  • 3. Georgia Jewish Proud wrote:

    More anti-Sematism. that is all this is, anti-Semitism. The moslems think they are in control of everything and no one teaches the public anything different. Just be tolerant to the Moslems………….what about tolerance and understanding to we Jews !! Stand up for Jewish pride and Jewish rights to enter any public room and offer our prayers without having to give in to the demands of any other religion. This is a PUBLIC prayer room, not a Mosque. Jewish pride must shine through everywhere !!!

  • 4. vey woe. wrote:

    woe to those that say bad is good and good is bad,darkness is light and light is darkness , the bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter………………….. yeshayahu perek 5 posuk 20

  • 5. umordichai LO yichra vlo yishtachave wrote:

    if you look closely one child isn’t bowing

  • 6. Despicable wrote:

    Hope this stops right away ! And let’s do our part by donating to . An incredible organization that truly does the Rebbe’s work!

  • 7. disappointed wrote:

    Disgusted is anyone paying attention How about all The Rabbonim The chief rabbi’s? I don’t even see or hear a peep from Shluchim! where is everyone?

  • 8. The kid in red wrote:

    At least one child refused to bow!
    Listen, as horrible as this is, is just part of what goes on everyday in Israel, where Jewish kids are brought to Arab villages for friendship building activities, even to down shabbos with the Arabs.
    But they never take them for a kosher shabbaton or other hareidi activities.
    Because those in power would rather every child assimilates totally, rather than keep Torah and Mitzvos.
    As usual, we are out own worst enemy.

  • 9. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    Please see my second comment in article below about London which appropro to this situation as well.


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