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4 Arrested for Twisting Yard Menorah into Swastika

Four people were arrested yesterday, Sunday, for allegedly twisting a large menorah in the front yard of an Arizona family’s home into a swastika.

One of the suspects was identified by Chandler, AZ, police as Clive Jamar Wilson, 19. The other three suspects are juveniles and cannot be named.

The four suspects will reportedly be charged with first-degree criminal trespass and aggravated criminal damage. They were released from custody pending formal charges.


  • 1. More info wrote:

    Please get some more info. Who were the perps? Skinheads or maybe newly arrived “immigrants” who are bringing anti-semitism to America.

  • 4. enough PC! wrote:

    Looks like the liberal family couldn’t take a joke…enough PC nonsense. Thanks OBAMA!

  • 5. Miriam wrote:

    Why are they not being charged with a hate crime ?
    If someone burns a Cross on a black families yard it is considered hate !!!
    The families of the juveniles should be held responsible.

    • 6. Milhouse wrote:

      Because Arizona has no “hate crimes” statute as such. Crimes are treated the same way until sentencing, no matter what the motive was. However, at sentencing prosecutors do routinely use motive to argue for a harsher sentence, which is all a “hate crime” statute does anyway.

  • 7. Andrea Schonberger wrote:

    Holy guacamole! My mother-in-law has her front door mezuzah on the inside of her door post instead of the outside because she’s afraid of being targeted by anti-Semites. I wonder if she has the right idea.


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