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IDF Soldier Sentenced to 18 Months for Killing Terrorist

from The Jerusalem Post:

Shouts of “pardon him!” erupted from protesters outside a Tel Aviv military court on Tuesday where IDF solider Elor Azaria was sentenced to 18 months in jail for killing Palestinian terrorist Abdel Fatah al-Sharif in March 2015, as he lay immobilized in a Hebron street.

“His life is ruined!” said Sigal Cohen, 48, who was protesting in support of Azaria. “This boy is a solider, who was doing his job. He is our son, every mother should feel that. We are not going to swallow this. We are going to flip the government.”

Azaria’s defense has vowed to appeal the ruling, and had previously urged the court to delay the beginning of the sentence until an appeal is submitted. Azaria’s representation requested 15 days to submit the main claims of an appeal.

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  • 2. Bibi stop talking. wrote:

    Elor should be given a medal and promoted to Colonel.
    Put guys like him in charge of security in Hebron and watch how fast peace and quiet will be restored.

    • 3. Yehuda wrote:

      It is wrong to sentence him, but if all Israeli soldiers were to start killing Palestinians when they don’t pose a threat, there wouldn’t be peace, there would only by more violence.

    • 4. To # 3 wrote:

      No, if Israelis would start killing every terrorist (even after they pose a threat) there would be less terrorist.

      If we stood up for our selves way stronger, there would have been piece years ago

  • 6. Rabbi Berg wrote:

    Outrageous !!! How can this young man go to jail for killing a terrorist.. has the world gone crazy? Should we just sit there and be killed… Let this soldier go home he did nothing wrong…B”H


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