Neturei Karta Observe Arafat’s Yahrtzeit in Ramallah

On Sunday, representatives of Neturei Karta participated in the annual memorial service in Ramallah marking the day of the passing of PLO Chairman Yassir Arafat. They stood out in the crowd in their black clothes, each wearing identification tags over a background of a Palestinian flag.

During his speech at the gathering, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas restated his intention of petitioning the United Nation’s general assembly this month to grant the Palestinian Authority the status of an observer state.

Abbas said he is determined to carry out his plan, in spite of pressure and threats from the United States and Israel.

“We will make our request as early as this month, and, within a day or two, the Arab League will let us know exactly on which date this month to do it,” Abbas declared, adding: “Even though they don’t want us to petition the UN. We will not deny the legitimacy of Israel and we do not wish to deny it, but we do want to undermine the legitimacy of the settlements.”

Abbas also referred to the circumstances surrounding Arafat’s death eight years ago and said that Russian experts requested the Palestinian Authority to join the French and Swiss team which will investigate the “strange” death, as he put it.

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  • 2. Mitnagid wrote:

    One thing I’ll never understand:all countries imprison,try and often execute their traitors(look at the Brits with Lord Haw Haw,the Norvegians with Quisling,etc)but the Jews cannot or don’t want to kick these evil traitors out of their fold and Medinat Israel does not take any legal step against the ones living there!How is it possible????

  • 3. do I see something strange in this pic?! wrote:

    i see someone that looks lubavitch but I guess is not!

  • 4. QUESTION???? wrote:

    they don’t seem to understand that if they ended up without their Neturei Karta ID’s, that they would be treated the same as any other Jew? IF THEY DON’T GET THAT, THEN HOW COULD THEY BE JEWISH

  • 5. Netura Karta = Satan wrote:

    I’m pretty sure their the ones who are behind the whole metzitza b’peah thingy.

  • 6. boo wrote:

    show from shas and poskim how what they do is assur!! you cant!! theyre harmless stop getting bent out over it.

  • 7. no karta wrote:

    “Gather us together from the four corners of the earth to OUR land” The so-called settlements are also OUR land.

  • 9. Yartzeit on Hebrew date or English date? wrote:

    Is the yartzrit according to Jewish Calendar, English (Western) Calendar, or Arab/Muslim Calendar?

  • 10. Show from shas and poskim...... wrote:

    Of course you can show from shas and poskim and even a ben chomesh lmikra will know that one who supports a murderer is himself a murderer. and one who supports an entire community of avowed murderers is himself belonging to a community of avowed murderers.

    Neturei Karta are a bunch of farts and should be seen as for what they are just a few tuches leckers and no more.

  • 14. Tova wrote:

    Meshugoyim! What a chilul Hashem! Maybe Hashem has a plan for them while they’re there with Abbas. Someone should tell them about their ancestors from Neturai Karta who were Tzaddikim and lived and loved Eretz Yisroel the way everyone should!

  • 15. 770 HEADQUATERS wrote:

    to number 6
    You are worse saying they are harmless, they are not harmless, those reshayim are promoting hate and selling their own brothers… so what are you talking about … HILLUL HASHEM !!!

  • 16. as wrote:

    to # 6
    it seems from your comment that you are clueless

    the talmud says clearly
    hamachanif lrshoim sof nofel byodom.
    in addition to the chilul Hashem, and encouraging rotzchim and justifying jewish spilled blood by embracing the arch terrorist arafat etc etc .

  • 18. Ephraim Grushnit wrote:

    so the guy # 5 pointed out wears a fedora. That does not prove he is G-d forbid a chabadnik

  • 19. Clowns wrote:

    Why are these clowns being given the time of day? There were collaborators during the war as well.

  • 21. #13 wrote:

    you nivel peh, worse than NK. NK dont speak about zionists like u spoke about them.

  • 22. Non Zionist - Anti-NK wrote:

    Please do not give them the attention they crave. Every year, they get less and less coverage, and if more people ignore them they will disappear.

  • 24. open your eyes wrote:

    to #5

    He’s definitely not Lubavitch. Can’t you see he’s not wearing a Moschiach PIN or Yechi Yarmulke

  • 25. Paid Clowns wrote:

    They are paid clowns who do a lot of damage.
    again. They get paid to be there. that’s the depth of their ideology! A couple of bucks.

  • 27. disappointed wrote:

    issue 1 yahrtzeit??????? using that term in connection with it is insulting #2 why write this at all?????????? they are crackpots & phonies not yidden or at the very least in the category of a Shoitah!!!! almost no one else gives them credence or mentyion why should we give a damn or have to see sucha stupid article??????????????

  • 29. boo wrote:

    you are all wrong, NK doesnt break any halachos by what they do.

    if you condemn NK u must condemn mishichistim. you can pull any fake sicha out of a hat you want but they also have solid mekoros (from rishonim and achronim) to justify what they do and hold starting with the chumash in this weeks parsha.

  • 31. chayaf wrote:

    I say they should marry the Jewish taliban women and go live in Pakistan. In that way, we can be assured they wont live long. Satan’s Chassidim, yemach shemamam. Any bomb that drops in eretz yisroel (CV) should fall on them. May they rot in hell forever.

  • 34. unbelievable sinas chinam wrote:

    32- your hatred is unfounded and wil not bring moshiach any closer.

    what theyre doing is NOT against any writen halachos. on one hand you condemn nk AND WISH THEY DIE c“v, yet our chabad leadership loves, hugs and kisses baalei aveiros, mordus and rebellers against Hashem!

    you call Netanyahu and Ben Gurion saints because they thought well of the rebbe!! but they were haters of God and God hated their deeds.

    NK are bafoons yes, but the hatred chabad ”chassidim” have is shocking.

    torah says who you should hate. it says hate the sinners, not frum jews!!!!!!

  • 37. ABE wrote:

    to C.H. Info
    PLEASE don’t put those picture anymore
    my family is having NIGHTMARES

  • 39. Yossi wrote:

    Funny what religious fanaticism can do. Heck in our own back yard people think the Rebbe is somehow still alive and even the normal ones think he will still return as Moshiach after techias hamaisim. The scary part is that everyone thinks that what their doing is the will of G-d.

  • 40. Hashem Hu Malkeinu wrote:

    Maybe the Ramallah cheder has a good remedial pre-1a class for this gaggle of class clowns.

    There is a big difference between not being a tzioini, and believe me, I am not one, and supporting those who kill Jews. However, I really think most of these guys do it for attention, and are at least 39 WDs short of a can of WD-40.

    Satmar is opposed to these fools, and Reb Amram Bloy ZYA of the original Neturei Karta twists and turns in his kever every time these leitzonim who stole the NK name look for attention this way.

  • 41. Mitnagid wrote:

    #36,every Jew hates them,not just the ones writing here(of whom nobody can say if they are Chabad or not,because this is a sort of open forum).
    They are vile,evil,nasty traitors and should be but in prison on lenghty sentences for high treason,if they are Israelis.
    The ones who don’t have Israeli citizenship,should be kicked out from every kehillah they try to approach(and this already happens!)

  • 42. STOP! wrote:

    What they do is, in my opinion, a Chilul Hashem. What everyone else here is doing; calling them “Bnei Hitler” and Telling them to go “Marry Jewish Taliban and live in Pakistan” is not any better and maybe even worse! As Lubavitchers, we should know better than to insult another Jew!

  • 43. shlomo as always with bad English wrote:

    but steel stat of israel and best effective medicine against tzionizm. after short period most people from tzionim become NK

  • 44. Hashem Hu Malkeinu wrote:

    Sorry, but I don’t hate them. I pity them and I laugh at them.

    I hate Islamic terrorists and I hate street criminals. I hate the disproven ideas of the left in EY that put Jews in danger. These clowns are not important enough to cause any problems. They’re way past their shock value at this point.

    Their videos make great Nitel Nacht material.

  • 45. Shevet Dan wrote:

    What about those who go to anti israel demonstrations on 2nd Ave evrry time israel s fighting the terrorists?


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