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Tznius Problem Solved?

The blurred glasses for sale in Jerusalem.

Recently, an Israeli start-up company has begun marketing and selling special glasses in charedi neighborhoods such as Meah Shearim. The purpose of the glasses is to prevent charedi men from seeing immodestly-dressed women.

The glasses contain blurry lenses that obscure the wearer’s vision and do allow men not to see more than three meters. For those who already wear glasses, the company has designed stickers that can be affixed to the existing pair of glasses which will obscure the vision.

Yedioth Ahronot reports that the glasses, designed for the charedi community, are intended for charedi men who must go to places where women will be present.

The new patent cost the inventors only NIS 25. The patent includes non-prescription glasses and the obscuring stickers.

The glasses with the blurry lenses contain perforations at the bottom of the lenses enabling charedi men to look down at the ground through the perforation and still see where they are walking.


  • 1. Tznius problem solved... wrote:

    but “tragically killed by a moving vehicle problem” created.

  • 8. to #1 and #2 wrote:

    I bet you guys do not come that clean when Shemiras Einayim is concerned

  • 12. better yet! wrote:

    To no 2. How about a welder’s helmet. A win win. Won’t see un-tznius, and protected from wall banging.

  • 14. They stole this idea from Chelm. wrote:

    I saw this before in Chelm! Only a charedi could wear this!

  • 15. pinchos woolstone wrote:

    what foolishness
    childish nonsense
    let those guys get a life

  • 16. hmm wrote:

    the problem with a woman not dressing tzniusdik is not (just) because of a man seeing her. so no, tznius problem not solved.

  • 19. i was having a bad day wrote:

    till i saw this and was rofl! funny thing is its most likely not a joke and this will happen! people are gunna be bouncing off walls in no time!

  • 23. Yossel wrote:

    Make sure these guys are behind the wheel with these glasses, they can’t drive any worse than with or without them…

  • 24. Perhaps? wrote:

    Maybe ich ken koyfeen eina that has one eye blurred and one eye clear so if my Yetzer Hora kicks in I don’t have to take off my glasses? I would at least like to have the Optician to look. -HaRav Nowyouseemenowyoudont

  • 25. MBA - the Midget from Vaad ha(anti)tzniu wrote:

    Maybe Dick Cheney needs a pair (with secret Binoculars built into them – same as the ones sold in Meah Shearim…LOL)

  • 26. Iranian retaliation wrote:

    No doubt Iran is behind this invention. This is a retaliation for the virus that Israel infected Nathanz systems with

  • 27. hishtadlut wrote:

    I feel bad for men who would like to be pure with their sight, so as to keep their minds pure. However, this sounds dangerous……

  • 28. hypocrites wrote:

    maybe it will work for those with enough guts to try it out?
    I can’t understand you ‘chabad lite’ people! You claim to be so openminded – thats when you accept Goyishe peoples ways of dress, language, and behaviour and even slightly adapt it. Its just called being openminded, right? But then when it comes to someone bringing in an idea that they think will help in their Avodas Hashem – You suddenly lose your openmindedness. suddenly, you can bash away, without mercy. Just because you don’t agree? I protest this. it hurts those who want to be their best very much. Well, maybe thats what you snobs like doing…can’t help it.

  • 29. Distributorship wrote:

    I understand that Neturei Karta got the Distributorship in Iran.

  • 30. Rebbe-s eyeglasses wrote:

    some years ago heard a story about one of the Rabbeim, but do not remember now which one. the story goes like this – he was seen wearing heavy eye glasses and had long hair and was riding in a luxurious rich coach. some wondered about all this and finally someone had the courage and nerve to ask about all thes 3 things. the Rebbe replied with explanations to all 3 questions. he needed to go somewhere for health reasons and in that place women were not dressed tzniusdik. also. in that place they did not allow haircovering. as he had to go to that place for health, he got special heavy glasses not to see the not tzniusdike women, and was wearing a wig so his head would not be uncovered when he took off his hat/yarmulka. as to the reason for using such a luxurious expensive coach to ride in – in those times it seems that there was a possibility of shatnez in the fabric of the coach upholstery and in the expensive ones he knew that the shatnez fabric was not used.

    the eyeglasses information i read about here reminded me of the story and i think this will be of interest to the readers. if anyone knows which Rebbe it was, please give the information. thanks.

  • 32. from 770 wrote:

    Hey great if it’s real, i think a joke or a wish …our streets are very dangerous and nothing to lose, to gain for our poor children they see their fathers with pink yamurkas and shirts, short pants, and their mothers with half sheitel, half naked so just like satmar we may need them, great future money maker for the inventor.

  • 33. Ephraim Grushnit wrote:

    oh, come on! Just look down at the pavement and control your thoughts!

  • 34. helmut??? wrote:

    some how, i would feel really embarrassed if my father went out with those..also, what if someone actually bumps into a women??? btw, this wouldn’t be funny with or without a helmut..

  • 35. i-m glad it is a big joke here wrote:

    Please don’t laugh at other trying to observe their religious convictions.
    Please note that the Rebbe Maharash did the same thing.

  • 36. Milhouse wrote:

    Those who think this is funny should consider that the Rebbe was seen walking around in Paris with his nose in a newspaper, and when asked about it he replied that in some areas that is the only way a yerei shomayim *can* walk. (And that was 80 years ago!)

  • 37. A maysseh wrote:

    Glasses – Rebbe Maharash, with variations to the story.

    Wig – never heard.

    Carriage – besides everything the Mahrash was wealthy (from trading on the bourse.) His malchusdikeh style reflected it.

  • 39. HAPPY wrote:


  • 40. to 27. wrote:

    The story was with the Rebbe Maharash – minus the long hair and the rich coach. As the story goes, he was seen sitting one time in a very untzniusdike park where women would bathe in the fountain. At the time he was wearing glasses that were made out of stone instead of glass, and because they were opaque, he was unable to see anything through them. The story is printed in Reshimos Dvorim from Yudel Chitrik a”h (a source for many of the stories we have today) – he was a chossid in our generation who lived to see the Rebbe Rashab.

  • 42. Merkos wrote:

    Okay great! Now can we have Merkos set up a discount rate for the Shluchim, pronto.

  • 43. chabad wrote:

    why dont they sell that in ch we would have alot of fun with that here

  • 44. Shay wrote:

    It’s 2012! The glasses won’t help!! It will probably cause headaches and accidents!! Temptation is everywhere, hopefully our spousal bonds and our bond with g-d is stronger.

  • 45. MaidofCH wrote:

    I don’t understand. If their vision is poor to begin with, why not just go out without glasses? Then they won’t have to see anything at all.

  • 46. New use wrote:

    Can they make chevra Ahavas Yisroel and Evergreen glasses?
    That way, all those people who complain and berate those two places can wear the glasses and not have to see anything

  • 48. Milhouse wrote:

    #45, because if they don’t see anything at all they’ll bump into things and won’t be able to cross the road. Their glasses correct their vision, and this invention limits it to 3 m.

  • 49. Loooooooove it!! wrote:

    I’m selling the matching clown suit if anyone is interested.

  • 52. Your brother wrote:

    This is no laughing matter.

    While I am personally not on a level where i wouldn’t go to the beach or what have you, if people knew the benefits of shmiras einayim, even if they were not going to be so properly careful, they would not laugh in the least at this.

    The Rebbe was leaving his car to go to 770 and a not tznius woman was walking by and the Rebbe lifted his hand to block the sight of her as one would block the sun from their eyes.

    I would like to reiterate a previous comment, and that is, all of you who think you’re open-minded yet laugh at this are ONLY open-minded t deviance, and religion aside, are simply cold human beings.

    There is one common denominator among all of chabad-lite and that is, they fill their head with inhuman sounds and images willingly (secular media – music/tv/movies) and they are in affect brainwashed by this weakness of theirs. (I watch select shows/movies but no non-Jewish music whatsoever.)

    After all is said and done, it is what you feed your eyes and ears that makes you the street trash that you may just be.

    Treat yourself with dignity, and you might have some.

    I love you all.

  • 53. not bad wrote:

    The whole thing could have started because the story of the Rebbe and the newspaper in France and some guy many years later brought it down to action, hey you dont have to get them but if someone feels he needs them, remember the story of the Rebbe and thats no joke.

  • 54. Maya wrote:

    I actually applaud these guys for trying to help their fellow brothers keep a mitzvah. as a baal teshuvah woman, I know many other women who just can’t understand the way a men see them and what they might consider modest , isn’t really. I myself am also guilty of this. To be honest, I have tried hard to “see” the way men see women myself and have a better understanding of it but it is still difficult for each gender to fully be able to understand and empathize with the other’s issues. I am actually kind of happy to see this. I undertsand many of the sursprised or mocking reactions though. This is something new, so simple and it is crazy that we live in a world that even need creative ideas to help men with Shmiras Einayim to this extent. I’m sure there will be a 2.0 version and a 3.0 etc.. Again, I applaud these inventors!!

  • 55. yehuda wrote:

    this is awesome there is aa big market for it in the hermit world however only am yisroel has the concept of kedusho in a forever way, NIce

  • 56. gochabad! wrote:

    This is amazing, and I would buy a pair in a second. Enough goyishe comments from yidden who claim to be frum. Start taking it all seriously! Its easy to keep Shabbos but hard to keep your eyes. Before you bash, look at yourself inside and ask Hashem, ”am I really that great?”
    Then you’ll find all the answers as I have

    All the best!

    Much love, peace and love!


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