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Palestinian Terrorist Kills 1, Injures 13 in Jerusalem

A Palestinian man rammed his car into a crowded train platform in east Jerusalem on Wednesday and then attacked people with an iron bar, killing one person and injuring 13 in what authorities called a terror attack before he was shot dead by the police.

It was the second such attack in the past two weeks, and deepened already heightened tensions between Arabs and Jews in the city. Earlier Wednesday, Israeli police had dispersed dozens of masked Palestinians who threw rocks and firecrackers near a contested holy site in Jerusalem’s Old City.

Police said the motorist slammed his car into the train platform in east Jerusalem first, backed out and proceeded to drive away, hitting several cars along the way. He then got out of the car and attacked a group of civilians and police officers on the side of the road with a metal bar before he was shot and killed.

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  • 1. TO #1 wrote:

    why do the israeli’s wait till they’re attacked. why don’t they shoot to kill at the first provocation??? In this country if one is attacked with a screwdriver it is considered a weapon and you have the right therefore to shoot to kill as it’s considered self defense. if an arab throws a rock it is with the intention to kill and therefore the soldiers shoot be entitled to shoot to kill! If they did that a few times the idiots would think twice before throwing rocks etc.

  • 2. Yehuda wrote:

    The Rebbe mentioned once at a farbrengen that they should be called arabs or moslems & not palestinians since by calling them palestinian it give strength to their argument that the land is theirs

  • 3. crown heights resident wrote:

    The Rebbe said: That if Israel gives away land that Hashem gave them in a miraculous way during the June 1967 Six day war. This will put the lives of Jews all over the world in extreme danger

  • 4. To 3 wrote:

    Although that is true…My understanding is that it was said before they gave away land so it should be prevented but not to emphasize after an attack. It sounds a little like one is saying Ha! told you so.

    We must only emphasize positive & warn against giving away land, because indeed it caused enough suffering in the past.

    In short: your right but at this point we say Ad Mosai!


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