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Panhandlers Dress as Jews to Beg from Orthodox

Non-Jewish panhandlers dress as Jews and station themselves in Orthodox-Jewish New York neighborhoods to maximize earnings, reports the New York Post.

From the NY Post:

A savvy crop of panhandlers has been donning long skirts and head coverings to beg from Hasidic Jews in South Brooklyn neighborhoods before sabbath and religious holidays.

Armed with a few Hebrew words like “shabbat,” “shalom” and “tsedaka,” the word for charity, the impersonators stake out popular food markets.

“They go, ‘Sedaka.’ They’ll push a child in a carriage. A lot of non-Jewish people can’t pronounce the ‘T’ and the ‘S’ [in ‘tsedaka’], so you know they’re not Jewish,” Bernard Vei, 56, an Orthodox Jew, told The Post.

“We’re good people; we always give. That’s the problem — they think we have all of the money in the world!”

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  • 2. Moishie wrote:

    This is new? They have been here for years. At least they ask the others just grab and run.

  • 4. non-jews wrote:

    there are a group pf non-Jewish women who situated themselves on Kingston Ave. and with a whining voice they say “Shabbat”. they were found to be indian, and non-Jewish.

    Many yrs,.ago, the same group put up a “show” of them in a wheelchair, one with crutches etc along Kingston between Union & President Sts.

  • 5. MJ wrote:

    A number of years ago, I was in 770 when a shnorrer approached me. After giving him a small donation, he asked, “What is this CHanookah (with a hard “ch”, not a gutteral “ches”) thing anyway?”

  • 6. thats why wrote:

    thats y i stop giving them dont know who legit i only give kcvs and rabbi lieder or other know organizations that i know are real


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