Shluchim Receive Copies of the New Testament by Mail

Shluchim all over the United States received an unmarked package in recent weeks containing missionary Hebrew New Testaments along with other missionary materials.

The packages arrived in non-descript packaging printed with “Wishing you a Shana Tova – a gift from an anonymous friend.”

“These recent events demonstrate that the missionary threat to the Jewish community is more serious than ever” wrote Rabbi Zalman Kravitz of Jews for Judaism, in an email responding to Shluchim who have received these packages.

“I got it, recognized it right away and I threw it into the garbage” said a Shliach.


  • 1. Yossi wrote:

    I got one also! but I am in Canada, and it was hand given, to someone not jewish for me. I was shocked!

  • 4. MN shliach wrote:

    We got it too in Minnesota. It came on motzai Rosh Hashana and we got quite a laugh out of it. It went straight into the garbage!

  • 10. Anonymous Shliach wrote:


    We got it too.

    Me and kids had great fun ripping it up into the garbage.

    I wanted to mail the ripped remains back to the return address.

    But wife said ”no”

    Any comments? : )

  • 12. Sharon Barnett wrote:

    Disgusting. What an affront. Good job we Jews have a good sense of humour to deal with stuff like this. Well what can one say, I hope that the printing and postage costs were expensive for organisation that sent them out so draining their resources!

  • 13. CC wrote:

    shred it and put it in recycle to avoid the waste of paper. Paper shredded has much more value that the new testament.
    they should get more, too and shred them also


    H’MMM….I wonder if they know something we don’t?
    Why would they only send to shluchim?!

  • 15. Moshe wrote:

    good job i am not an official shliach, never got one – maybe Hashem is sending message to the official shluchim — ???

  • 16. The face of Yiddishkeit wrote:

    They send to shluchim because shluchim are out there on the frontlines representing yiddishkeit to the world.
    Shluchim deal with these missionaries on a daily basis, personally, through their congregants, as ‘guests’ in their shuls and even challenging their children.
    Like it or not, Shluchim are the threat because they ARE the face of yiddishkeit.

  • 17. Postage Due wrote:

    They must be desperate and deluded to send their dreck to shluchim.

    Is there a way to return it to them so that it costs them money?

  • 18. Martin Kochberg wrote:

    After failing to convert the Jews for over 2000 years, the missionaries are pulling out all the stops. Did they think for a moment that any of the recipients would even open the book, yet alone read it? Goes to show you how desperate they have become. This stunt ranks among the stupidest of all!

  • 19. in the garbage! wrote:

    We got it too. Thinking of sending a note back to the POB return address saying what a waste of time and money and how stupid they are to send it to Chabad Shluchim. We arent stupid!

  • 21. Sivan wrote:

    It was disrespectful of them to do that. I suggest that you don’t burn it. Give it to a Christian. Burning it will put you in the same class as them and radical Islam or the Christians who wanted to burn the Koran. You think bigger than that.

    I got one a year ago. I told a Christian man that I had a gift for him and his wife. It was his Bible in Hebrew and English. He thanked me. see?

  • 22. To #14 wrote:

    You should be ashamed of yourself. If you are not an “official” shliach, you aren’t a shliach, and don’t call yourself such.

  • 23. Someone who isn-t in highschool anymore wrote:

    to #22 Psst: It’s Eseres Yamei Teshuva. Do you know you sound like you’re in high school?

  • 24. chana wrote:


    At least these mailings are falling into the right hands! They are not being mailed or given to the ones who are susceptable to brainwashing. I wish I could get a hold of thousands of copies and send them off to Shred Ex!!!!!

  • 25. Elie wrote:

    I’m not one for burning the quoran or anyone else’s book but I would have no problem defending the burning of these books publicly. The reason, they are on the offensive with sending these books that they know are insulting to us and without a publicity stunt they’ll just keep doing it. A burning would also give mass PR to what they are etc…. (but yes, a burning does sound medieval)

    I personally have a small collection of these “gifts” that I’ve kept. I’d rather be aware.

    Also, I think it’s good that Shluchim got it. It’s like they sent a notice to all Shluhim “hey, we’re out there, not tell all your congregants to be aware”


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