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Settler Shoots Dead Palestinian Stone Thrower

An Israeli settler opened fire when a group of Palestinians crowded around his car and pelted it with rocks in the West Bank today, Thursday. One of the rock throwers was killed.

The incident occurred as hundreds of Palestinians gathered near the city of Shchem to show support for Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jails. During their demonstration, they blocked a main road used by both Palestinians and Israelis.

The Palestinians then began throwing rocks at passing vehicles, including one belonging to the settler who opened fire, killing one of them.

Yossi Dagan, head of the settlers’ Samaria regional council, told the media he had spoken with the settler, who told him he had been in fear of his life when he fired. “He pulled his gun out to defend himself, in order to stop them from lynching him. He fired.”


  • 1. Great job! wrote:

    If they got this every time these barbarians started up, there would be far fewer incidents.

  • 2. The kangeroo wrote:

    why is that news?Do want the man to get in trouble with the “nice” liberal rodfim.

    • 3. this is in the news wrote:

      this is in the news bec seems like the leftists made up a whole story how this settler opened fire stam, luckily there was a video clearly showing how he was attacked and surrounded etc.

  • 5. CR wrote:

    If you are being pelted with stones (assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder) you are wholly justified in pulling out your legally owned and carried weapon and firing as many rounds as needed to neutralize the threat. This is settled law in pretty much every civilized society (yeah, I know….).

  • 7. BH wrote:

    Can never forget the images of those lynched hy”d by these animals. His life was definitely in danger. Completely justified.

  • 8. Big Z Schapiro wrote:

    I’m Yisroel have no far Moshaich will be here this year we want Moshaich now we don’t want to wait

  • 10. CH resident wrote:

    Settler? Why not Israeli Jewish citizen? And Palestinian? What’s that? He was a terrorist, throwing rocks, trying to kill a Jew
    Please reword your article, don’t take the lazy route and copy and paste from the liberal media

  • 11. He's NOT a settler wrote:

    Please don’t play into that narrative, he LIVES in the Holy Land that Hashem gave to us.
    Not a settler.


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