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Night Long Search Ends – Missing B”H Found

WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn [CHI] — At 11:00pm last night the Williamsburg’s Shomrim Hotline received a call for a person that had been missing since 10:00am. The missing, 61 year old Berel Lerner, who has a mental history, didn’t show up to the Petach Tikvah Yeshiva.

Williamsburg Shomrim members began canvassing the area and later called the Crown Heights Shomrim Division for more manpower and together they searched into the night.

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The mobilization point for the search was at 17 Middleton Road where together with Hatzalah and Chavierim volunteers were given search grids and assignments. All the hospitals were checked as well as subway stations and parks.

Today at around 1:00pm report was given that the missing was B”H found. One of the Williamsburg coordinators spotted him on Broadway and Rodney where Hatzalah was called to check out the patient and he was reported to be in good health.

In case of an emergency never hesitate to call 911 and Shomrim at (718) 774-3333 24/7


  • 1. ceo wrote:

    this is the chiddush…..ALL kinds of yeeden working together. yashar koach.
    Pure Ahavas yisroel.

  • 4. ch resident wrote:

    its really cool to see that shomrim is not just in the ch but has a network that works together all accross brooklyn

  • 5. c.h. resident wrote:

    good going shomrim finally an organization we can rely on and be proud of – we should all take an example!!

  • 7. 7 years old wrote:

    special thanks to shomrim,it feels great knowing someone cares and is looking out for us thanks amillion

  • 8. menashe wrote:

    the best part is yidden with not the greatest history together were able to do a mitzvah and a big kiddush Hashem all around.

  • 9. Anonymous wrote:

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

    Shomrim, your the best.

  • 10. Good wrote:

    B“H this is excellent news!!! B”H for the beautiful news on the achdus of all those great agencies!

  • 11. reb levik wrote:

    don’t forget that the williamsburg shomrim came to help us during the riots in 1991!!!!


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