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Simchas Torah in 770

With people being “happy” and showing “happiness” across Crown Heights this will surely be a Simchas Torah to remember.

This year the Gabboim arranged a more organized (and may we add, civilized) form of kissing the Rebbe’s Sefer torah, making a special entrance from the “Farbrengen Bimah”.

Although the Yom Tov was quite short-lived (it’s much later than on a regular year) many people still found the time to get the spirit, which takes a double meaning upon itself.

There were many things from many people that we may never merit to hear throughout the year, but on Simchas Torah, the day which the Jewish people dance with the torah, because everyone can dance with the torah, whereas there are different levels and various capabilities in learning the torah, but all of this is disregarded on Simchas Torah when all Jews dance with the torah, and dancing is something which everyone can do!

It was windy and rainy for most of the holiday, but things cleared up in the early morning of the second day which pleased many people who didn’t appreciate the stuffy air of 770.

R. Nachum Markowitz had arranged the Kiddushim once again this year and there was plenty of food and drinks for everyone. A special thanks to him for what he has done this year, as he has done in the past.

There was a no shortage of “Spirit” (literally) in 770, but most people had enough of what they needed and Yom Tov was totally “Freilach”.

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    Hi webby,
    Why is ‘happyness’ in quates? either you are saying that
    it’s not true simcha or you think it’s a hebrew word.
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