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Isaiah and the prophets Rock Chabad Of Harlem

On the first day of Chol Hamoed Sukkos, Chabad of Harlem arranged an event on the CUNY College campus, and was attended by over 100 students and staff members.

The ‘Sushi in the Sukkah’ happening was held in the picturesque Beaver park in the campus and was funded by Rabbi Shaya Gansburg, Chabad House director of Harlem. The Sukkah, built with the help of Yosef Gansburg, Mendy Nagel and Yossi Margolin hosted at least 100 who said the blessing over the ‘Arba Minim’.

A large crowed gathered when the band “Isaiah and the Prophets” led by Shaya Lieberman began playing Chasidishe music with a rock twist.



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