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Mayor Bloomberg Visits Crown Heights


On Thursday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg arrived for a visit to Crown Heights. The Mayor started out at the home of the former chairman of the Community Council, Reb Shmuel Melamed where he stayed for a half an hour during which a discussion about Sukkos was held . The guest then continued to the home of Rabbi Chanina Sperlin where news personnel and various Crown Heights activists awaited him. Rabbi Chanina Sperlin, the chairman of the Jewish Community Council – Rabbi Rubashkin and Rabbi Shmuel Butman, director of Tsach in the U.S. spoke at this reception.


  • 2. out with sperlin wrote:

    chanina sperlin is such an embarrassment im sorry to say. i saw him on TV once and he is really an embarrassment, im sorry. he speaks like a 2nd Grade Ohelei torah kid. i mean his choice of words etc.
    i dont think he should be our Medium between us and the mayor. oh my g-d i can only imagine what bloomberg was thinking after meeting and talking to these people.

  • 6. out with sperlin wrote:

    to zalman: have you ever seen Chanina Sperlin on TV? do you understand that millions of People watch the news and see this? what would your reaction be if you were watching someone representing a community on TV and he would speak like this: "i um well um yes i err….see what your saying"
    maybe he DOES do good for the community but he should not be our public Speaker. its just so embarrasing.
    thank you.

  • 7. Zalmen wrote:

    All i can say is Chanina Sperlin has helped me with his political contacts.

    I have gone to a few people for the personal problem i had no one was able to get help when i called Chanina with in a few hours i had a response from a city agency getting me what i needed done

  • 8. un bojer wrote:

    hey "out with sperlin", I agree that chanina is an embaresment, but thats how us (pesimistic?) lubavitchers see it. the world does not necesarily see it that way. (dont forget that L’Havdil there are many other minority communities out there that have people representing them, that have worse english than chanina!)


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