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100 Yom Kippur chickens seized from B’klyn vendors

New York Daily News

“A Jewish ritual came to a screeching halt yesterday when authorities seized more than 100 chickens from a Brooklyn lot where the flock of foul-smelling birds were kept over the High Holy Days.

“It stunk here,” said Yisroel M Brod, 19, of Crown Heights. “It was terrible.”

Thousands of chickens were being sold as part of the ancient kapparah rite by vendors camped out at a construction site at Coney Island Ave. and Avenue L in Midwood.”

Observant Jews mark Yom Kippur by waving chickens in a circle around their heads while saying a prayer. Afterward, they donate the birds to the poor.

Plenty of people and groups keep and sell small numbers of chickens for kapparah, insiders say. But things got out of hand at the lot when passersby complained about the smell, possibly because some chickens died.

“It’s just a misunderstanding,” said Rabbi Koby Sonnenfeld.

It was unclear last night whom the chickens belonged to, and no one was charged. The birds were taken to an ASPCA center.

Permits are required to sell and keep live poultry, and officials were investigating whether anyone got permission.”

The article fails to mention that Kaporos has been over for four days now (there was no “screeching halt”), and they were seized beacause it seemed like they left the chickens to die and nobody was going to clean up.

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