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Pakistan Welcomes Aid From U.S. Jews

New York Times

On Monday, the chairman of the American Jewish Congress appealed to Jews to help Pakistani earthquake victims.

Yesterday, the chairman, Jack Rosen, said, he received a telephone call from President Pervez Musharraf.

Mr. Musharraf called Mr. Rosen in New York to say that Pakistan welcomed aid from American Jewish charities for earthquake victims and that he would be open to publicizing this help to Pakistanis, who are overwhelmimgly Muslim.

“I think this creates a whole new environment of possibilities in improving relations with Pakistan,” said Mr. Rosen, who helped to organize a meeting between Mr. Musharraf and leaders of American Jewish organizations in New York City in September.

On Monday Mr. Rosen also said the American Jewish Congress, a civil rightsgroup, would work to raise funds for quake victims.

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  • 1. guns and missils wrote:

    the only thing thay will do with the money is buy guns and missils to kill the jews

  • 2. have no fear wrote:

    no need to worry there was a nevua "vechitisu charvosam leitim" – "and they will beet there sords in to plow shares" meaning they will use all this money for orginisaitions for the pore………..that sort of thing

  • 4. have no fear wrote:

    it allready started becoming true! did you here what happend like 2 years ago? they decided to use a lot of the money that they usually use for amunishion……and they said they’ll use it to help the people who were injured…. something like that I’m not exactly sure………..


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