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Perv. Seems to have left us

After a violent clash with 2 different groups in one night it seems that this weirdo we’ve had around our neighborhood left.

On Thursday night he was spotted attempting to chat up 2 girls on Union St. and Kingston Ave. when someone walked up to him to ask him what he was doing, he got very loud and aggressive and in return he was treated to a beating. As if that wasn’t enough, a half hour later he parked next to 770 on Kingston Ave. and he spotted someone he had a confrontation with in 770 and went over to him and provoked another fist fight, in which his car lost 2 of its windows. He then filed police reports with descriptions of who attacked him on scene by the police officers, which assured him the matter will be perused.

Now it’s been a few days later and he has yet to be seen, B”H. But if you do see him please call Shomrim @ (718) 774-3333.


  • 6. Shmira EDP wrote:

    why call shomrim? call shmira! (lol im just kidding i couldn’t care less who you called)
    and to julie: bad boys bad boys!

  • 9. Keep our streets and children safe! wrote:

    People like this should not be allowed to walk the face of the earth!!!

  • 10. A concerned resident wrote:

    I hope someone moderates the comments. It would be a shame to let such a thing go sour.

  • 11. Anonymous wrote:

    To: "A concerned resident" & "Keep our streets and children safe!"

    All comments are looked over before they are published, that’s why they do not show up right away. They have to be approved first.

    P.S. Please stick to one name.


  • 12. Anonymous wrote:

    To "A concerned resident".

    I see what you are referring to, I am sorry for the 2 oversights I will inform the staff as well.

    A Gmar Chasima Tovah


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