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Water & electricity go out for Bochrim Erev Yom Tov

The trouble maker in the center.

As the Bochurim that are staying at the Hachnosas Orchim house were preparing for Rosh Hashana, the lights went out and the water stopped running. The house, located between New York Ave. and Union St., was donated for this use by the Jewish landlord. The building is also home and business to a Laundromat owned by an Arab. This year he decided that he did not want the Bochurim staying there and he made that point very clear when he cut off all the main energy sources one needs to live.

It was an hour before Yom Tov and the Arab man felt that since he lived there full time he had the right to choose who else can live there; he went down to the basement and shut off the water and hacked out all the electrical wires directly from the power meters. The landlord came and quickly had an electrician come to repair the damage. They were then confronted by the Arab man who wanted the Bochurim out of the building. The Police were called when it was clear that they were not dealing with a rational human being and the arguing began to escalate. The Police told the angry tenant that if he has a problem with who his landlord allows to reside in the building, he has take his complaints to court.

After a few more interruptions by the Arab man the work was completed and electricity was restored. The rest of the Yom Tov went by quietly and with water and electricity.



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