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Ye of any faith, dont’t fear the sweeper

NY Times

He has a problem with our Holidays and the way they fall out so he lashes out at the city.


  • 1. Crown Heights resident wrote:

    Big deal! I want to know why, even before Rosh Hashona this community is filthy. Some streets in our neighborhood have not been properly cleaned since The Labor Day Parade.

  • 2. Mrs. S. wrote:

    The city needs garbage cans and to teach people to use them. The street sweeping machines are just a way for the city to get money from cars that forgot to park on the right side.

  • 3. Anonymous wrote:

    These "street cleaners" dont even really clean. all they do is just brush it away and it ends up back where it was or on the other side of the st.
    I dont understand what the big deal is.

  • 4. lubab wrote:

    just to reiterate i think if we had more garbage cans it would help alot. sounds like a self hating jew…


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