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Meeting of the Mosdos and Organizer of the Parade

On Thursday, Alef Iyar/April 20th a meeting of all local Mosdos together with the Vaad organizing the Lag B’omer parade took place at the NCFJE headquarters. At the meeting the principals were updated with the latest information regarding the parade, in order that the schools will be able to participate in an organized and coordinated fashion.

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The meeting was chaired by Rabbi Shimon Hecht, of NCFJE and co-organizer of the parade. He mentioned that regarding the parade, the Rebbe once told his father, Rabbi JJ Hecht OBM, who stood at the Rebbe’s side for many years at the parades, that “Ich hub a geshmak in dem”- I enjoy it [the parade]”.

During the course of the meeting, various issues were raised by the principals, who have accumulated a vast storehouse of experience and they shared their ideas with the Vaad.


  • 5. A grateful parent wrote:

    Rabbi Rapoport, you’re the best principal you keep O.T. going!


  • 7. Sam wrote:

    This parade will IH be a smashing success because Yankel Berman is involved!

  • 8. out of towner wrote:

    Only 2 woman principals in NY??????
    looks odd!
    hardto beleive only men run schools, how about all the new girls schools?
    just wondering

  • 11. yoshev rosh... wrote:

    BH the VAAD is well represented. chazak ve’ematz! hava’ad v’havosikus l’chai olamim lol

  • 13. zeldy wrote:

    Go, principals and mosdos and NCFJE, go! Keep the spirit of your kids and the schuna going! Thanks for your leadership and chassidishkeit and ability to run things – which is not to be taken for granted. And if anyone says things are not perfect – well then, know that NOTHING is going to be perfect, no person, place or thing – until Moshiach comes!
    L’chaim to a truly great, chayusdike parade on Sunday IY”H, a parade over which the Rebbe will preside – and we will sense he is there, and Hashem should only REVEAL the Rebbe, now!!
    (even before the Parade).

  • 15. scoty g wrote:

    its so exciting, to see people in the comunity siting down, like metshen with no politics.everybody should learn from them.

  • 17. Parent wrote:

    A note from a concerned parent
    The Lag B’Omer Blues
    (To the tune of: Sing a song of sixpence)

    I’m starting to feel panic; I feel it every year
    It’s a Lag B’omer problem, because I really fear,
    I’ll send my kids to school, and the issue is that then
    I can’t figure out how I will see them all again.
    The note said, “Get your daughter, she’ll wait for you at noon
    In front of the museum,” which seemed ok, but soon
    The next note said, “Your son will be at seven-seventy,”
    There’s no bus, so that is where I guess that I should be.
    But soon another note came; it seemed to explain
    That all of those locations would be changed in case of rain.
    The boys can now be claimed at Oholei Torah’s school
    But the girls are somewhere else, that’s why I lost my cool.
    A new note in bold type said, “Read this carefully,
    Your daughter now will be in seven-seventy,
    And here is something new that you have to know about
    You’ll only get her back if you come in and sign her out.”
    Although I kept the notes and I don’t like to complain,
    What if one school relocates and then it doesn’t rain?
    Where will I find my daughter; when should I meet my son?
    Do other people wonder or am I the only one?
    I’m guessing other parents don’t worry and don’t fret
    I’m the only mommy breaking out in a cold sweat
    Lag B’omer is a day of joy, and yet I am alone
    In wishing I could simply keep my children here at home!

  • 18. happy relaxed superb lubavicher wrote:

    do you know i understand that when a political upset or even a bad new story comes out some people have names that reflect the story
    when a nice story about how all mosdos working together comes out what with the names


    relax take a chill

  • 19. a writing bubby wrote:

    to the worried mommy,
    you’ll find them and they’ll be fine
    but please continue to write and rhyme
    your prose is great and you keep great time
    a jewish book for children sounds

  • 20. George wrote:

    To Out of Towner:

    There are more female principals.

    It’s simply that they don’t like being photographed and put on the web.

  • 21. another parent wrote:

    to Parent:

    I loved your poem, and laughed sooo hard! I laugh now, cuz my kids are B”H grown, but yes, I remember the nightmare of trying to be in 4-5 places at once, and not even knowing WHERE those places should be (rain, clouds, sun?)
    Well, they did all survive (even me!), and made it home. Maybe if U dont sign your kid out, they would take her for a day or two :)

  • 22. amazing wrote:

    go mrs.tiechtel, you rock!everyone keep up the good work!

  • 24. I with Parent wrote:

    I agree with “parent.” If they can take the kids on a bus to the parade. Why can’t they take them back to school for regular dismissal? I’m already breaking out in a cold sweat.

  • 25. practical. wrote:

    i think every school should send hom atleast 3-4 cell phone nnumbers where they can find thier kids, every teacher, or rebi should have a cell phone that is shared with the parents, and each parent should register thier cell phone number(s) with the school, so in the event that someone is lost or running late, you can connect.

    Hey, it’s sunday, the weekend offers free minutes.
    I too got lost a few parades, many years ago, i am alive and here to tell the tale.

    Lastly, make up with your kid, an absolute backup plan, in case, that everything else fails, and we can;t find each other. or its partially raining, and a bit cloudy, and the sun keeps poping in and out, and everyone is running in all directions….. the kids should know where YOU will be, or met them at a store on kingston at a certain time. the main thing is that too many instructions confuse everyone. be clear with the kids.

  • 28. lizman wrote:

    how sad this is

    the police have decided not to close eastern parkway, as usual we get treated like garbage. they applied for a permit in time and everything

    it will be the biggest shanda to have the parade on the island only

    we need to demonstarte at the police station now with all the kids and the mothers and all the bochurim. and get the media

    we ask for eastern parkway to be close once every couple of years and they wont let us

    we need to have a public demonstration in middle of the day with all the schools march to the police station call the media

    if that doesnt work we all on sunday morning at the same time need to drive our cars on eastern parkway between brooklyn and new york and stop the cars and walk out …

    if we have hundreds of cars there stopped we will cause havoc there

    they would never do this to the “sfrican american ” people in crown heights

    we cannot be silent

    please post the names and phone numbers of the police and email addresses so we can email all the politicains

    ad mosai

  • 29. Debrah wrote:

    does anyone know what time the paarade starts and what time they will be closin off eastern parkway


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