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Meeting of the Mosdos and Organizer of the Parade

On Thursday, Alef Iyar/April 20th a meeting of all local Mosdos together with the Vaad organizing the Lag B’omer parade took place at the NCFJE headquarters. At the meeting the principals were updated with the latest information regarding the parade, in order that the schools will be able to participate in an organized and coordinated fashion.

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The meeting was chaired by Rabbi Shimon Hecht, of NCFJE and co-organizer of the parade. He mentioned that regarding the parade, the Rebbe once told his father, Rabbi JJ Hecht OBM, who stood at the Rebbe’s side for many years at the parades, that “Ich hub a geshmak in dem”- I enjoy it [the parade]”.

During the course of the meeting, various issues were raised by the principals, who have accumulated a vast storehouse of experience and they shared their ideas with the Vaad.


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