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The Winners of this years Bikur Cholim Chinese Auction

We congratulate the winners of the Rebbitzen Chaya Mushka Bikur Cholim of Crown Heights gala auction:

Split the Pot: Chana Popack
The American Girl Doll: Cherna Light
Pearl Necklace: Mendy Rosenblum
Magnificent Necklace: Perry Wolsow
Freeda Custom Sheitel: Henyr Holtzberg
Computer: Perri Schick
Silver Menorah: Esther Rand
Laptop: Esther Karp

The list continues in the Extended Article!

Naturella Sheitel: Fraidel Hershkowitz
Crib And Dresser: Shaina Katz
Washer/Dryer: Lucy Wasserman
Shabbos Table Settings Etc: Mrs. Blank
Concord Watchpiece: Itu Lustig
Diamond & Pearl Earring: Rivka Barber
Day Bed: Raizel Wolwowsky
Kapote & Hat: Chaya Hertzog
Summer Camp: Devorah Leah Shain
Florida Trip: Esther Malka Levertov
Door & Front Lock: Magda Fireworker
Kitchen Kit & Kaboodle: Rachel Kornblit
Magic Mill: Baila Greenbaum
Baby Bris/Gifts: Chana Hershkowitz
Bar Mitzva Party: Sara Friedman
Make-Up & Manicure: Nechama Lazar
Total Makeover: Masha Glazer
Dining Out: Esther Blau
Kids Game Boards: Shaina Katz
Shabbos Items: Dina Fox
iPod: Reb Hadassa Carlebeach
Make Up Special: Maya
Bicycles: Chana Popack
Muchnik Lithograph: Mendy Rosenblum
Linen, Baking & Plant: Chana Rivkin
Gold Necklace: Masha Glazer
Chocolat Phone: Devorah New
Car Rental/ Cordless Phones: Pesha Schiller
Stereo/Recliner: Miri Schwartzberg
Mezuza Checking: Shoshana Bander
Summer Camp: Nechama Reinetz
Dining Out: Brochie Kogan
Gutnick Chumash Set: Shulamis Lokeinsky
Little Medrash Says: Pesha Schiller
Set of Likutei Sichos: Muska Weiss

We thank each and every one of our noble supporters and guests who participated in the recent 31st Gala Celebration of the Rebbitzen Chaya Mushka Bikur Cholim of Crown Heights. Your tzedaka supports those in need within our own neighborhood. Kan tziva hashem es habroch! May you and your dear ones be blessed for this great mitzva of supporting Bikur Cholim.

To volunteer your services to Bikur Cholim, please call today at (718) 778-2705.

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  • 1. Leah K. wrote:

    the 2 singers were very good and very entertaining.and the sound man was very professional and the volume was perfect and not too loud.Rabbi Hecht gave a good speech.The evening would have been perfect if I had only won a prize!


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