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Yeshivas Kayitz Detroit Announced

Lubavitch City, MI — This year, on the 660 acres of Gan Israel, Lubavitch City, MI. there will be a Varme Chassidishe atmosphere for the Bochur who seeks to spend a summer filled with learning and Farbrengens. The program is geared for Bochurim of Mesivta age.

Hand in hand with the Chasidishe learning environment, there will be activities such as swimming in an indoor pool, boating on a beautiful lake, sports and original exciting trips.

More in the Extended Article!

The zal and sports areas are undergoing renovations to accommodate our Bochurim in the best possible manner.

The program is headed by Rabbi Yosef Gurarie, Mashpia of Yeshivas Menachem Mendel Lubavitch Detroit. Zalman Deren and Mendy Klyne will be directing the program.

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  • 1. L.S. wrote:

    wow, i was in the yk a few years back when chaim lazarof did it, and it was the best summer i had, if they are going to make that happen again it will be amazing!

  • 3. Mendy Klyne fan wrote:

    Wow!!!! Mendy Klyne is running it??? there will an amazing learning program that’s fursure.
    I hear big stuff about Yeshivas Kayitz this year it sounds like the camp as well as the Yeshivas kayitz are going to be amazing!!!!

  • 4. i went there as a camper wrote:

    One thing that they are famous for it he Yeshiva Kayitz! it sounds like it will be amazing

  • 6. 5818 wrote:

    Wow Zalman Kol Hadoved I’m sure it will be the most amazing summer It’s a shame my age won’t allow me to come (and some other reasons too.)

    Hatzlocho Rabbo in the best camp in the world.

    Y. C. & M.

  • 7. Detroit camp rocks! wrote:

    go to yk detroit and you will have a summer of a lifetime!!!

  • 8. Its just a little too late... wrote:

    So they finally decided to advertise???

    While i do not intend to bash the camp, but it is a little late to be advertising for a camp, most parents have already decided where their children will be spending the summer, you cannot expect that erev shavuous everyone will be running to this camp.

    Detroit has had a good name in the past, but i don’t hear much of it now, the NY camp has dominated for the past few years, i don’t think Detroit is as it was a few years back. (i hear that its because of the new ownership or something (i thought that it was under merkos linyanei chinuch idk))

    Much Success

  • 9. To: Its just a little too late... wrote: wrote:

    What are you so grouchy about? In any case from what I hear its supposed to be a great summer.

  • 10. jojo wrote:

    i hear sometihing about ac ??? in detroit, wow!!!! thats one big step for mankind

  • 11. CGI detroit fan wrote:

    To: its just a little to late…

    1) CGI detroit has always been the best camp and had a good name and nothing changed.

    2) the camp is still under the same ownership.

    3) CGI detroit is known to be the best camp for all children both physically and spiritualy. with the camp mashpia Rabbi Y. Gurary and all the carefully-hand-picked staff members…each camper is guarenteed to have the best summer expirience ever!
    they only except a limited amount of campers each year (120) so that each camper gets his own individual attention, unlike other camps which except 300 or more campers.

    4) its never to late for advertising! and besides, the camp has enough publicity.

    – from a camper (6 summers), bochur in yeshivas kayitz (2 summers) and staff member (4 summers).


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