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Yeshivas Kayitz Detroit Announced

Lubavitch City, MI — This year, on the 660 acres of Gan Israel, Lubavitch City, MI. there will be a Varme Chassidishe atmosphere for the Bochur who seeks to spend a summer filled with learning and Farbrengens. The program is geared for Bochurim of Mesivta age.

Hand in hand with the Chasidishe learning environment, there will be activities such as swimming in an indoor pool, boating on a beautiful lake, sports and original exciting trips.

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The zal and sports areas are undergoing renovations to accommodate our Bochurim in the best possible manner.

The program is headed by Rabbi Yosef Gurarie, Mashpia of Yeshivas Menachem Mendel Lubavitch Detroit. Zalman Deren and Mendy Klyne will be directing the program.

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