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YK Minnesota announce its staff for summer 5767

Director – Schneor Nejar

Head Counselors – Laizer Labkowsky

Learning Director – Shneur Silberberg

Program Director – Mayer Chaikin

Counselors & Learning Teacher in Extended Article

Yossi Sheraff

Hillel Pykarsky

Shneur Wilhelm

Yosef Abramov

Mendy Perlow

Ari Weingarten

Yoel Spalter

Mendy Benshimon

Shlomo Greenwald

Levi Shanowitz

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  • 1. a fan wrote:

    ykm is the best begashmius and ruchnius how is it possible to name all the staff and miss the back bone and hatslocho of the whole deal the rosh hayshiva rabbi nachman wilhelm who ever goes there will be lucky grab it if they sill have space

  • 3. A fan from way back..... wrote:

    Shneur Nejar is the absolute Pillar of YKM, keep up the great work Shneur, each year about 100 bochurim have the time of their lives thanks to him!

    I have one thing to say

  • 5. from all the he-brews and she-brews wrote:

    omg!!! i can’t believe it… u guyz are the best!!!!!!

    we love you sooooooooo much!!!!
    lot’s of hatzlacha!!!

    luv you to bits!!!1

  • 6. no dowt ul rock da house wrote:

    levi you’re the best
    ykm pulls of for yet another year a superstar line up
    hatlacha rabba laizer and shneur

  • 8. GO LEVI! wrote:

    Wow! Levi…nice to hear this news from here! Whatever…five pc band…
    but you’re the best!!


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