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Hundreds at the Levaya of Mrs. Shterna Sara Rosen OBM

At around 5:45pm hundreds of Anash, Bochurim and Woman escorted Mrs. Shterna Sara Rosen OBM. The Levaya passed 770 and from there went to the airport to go to Israel where she will be laid to rest in Tzfat, Israel.

More pictures in the Extended Article.


  • 1. a mourner wrote:

    May the family be helped out and may mashiach come right now and may we only hear of simchas

  • 2. poet by horrible wrote:

    and i knew the lady, she had a heart of gold ,
    very sweet and very bold.
    what a shame.
    who to blame?
    its all in the almightys hand.
    sad to hear .
    i realy care.
    so please email me with more info
    thankyou all for reding my
    message so

  • 3. moshiach now!! wrote:

    המקום ינחם אתבם may you have only joy and happiness from now on

  • 4. speechless in brooklyn wrote:


  • 5. concerned wrote:

    two things I can think of that we CAN do:
    scream AD MOSSAI
    do many acts of ahavas yisrael.

    also to really internalize Chassidus to be a better Jew.
    hashem should comfort the availim as only HE can.

  • 6. Montreal wrote:

    At what point are we going to learn to really have Ahavas Yisroel? Stop this fighting and bickering – say Yichi or not?? Is this what the Rebbe wanted from us?? The Bais Hamikdosh was destryed because of Sinas Chinam. It is no different now!!
    PLEASE stop and let us learn to really be united as one. Maybe then we will be zoche to have Moshiach.
    Maybe we should also take on the Hachlota of being more Tznius.

  • 7. someone wrote:

    המקום ינחם אתכם בתןך שער אבלי ציון ירושלים

  • 10. dar wrote:

    terrible..she was an amazing women..
    i will never forget her .. and her smiles she spread..

    she went to my school

  • 11. lidan wrote:

    she was a great teacher! she taught me at Beth Tfiloh in 7th grade.
    i will miss her so much!

  • 12. out-of-towner wrote:

    let us learn from this terrible tragedy, and make a keili for ours and our children’s safety. WEAR SEATBELTS. DRIVE SAFELY.

  • 13. On our mind in Montreal... wrote:

    Well, people this is definitely one of the worst tragedies I have heard of. Here in Montreal, we have divided up the tehillim between the ladies of the community, and we are on our fourth book. We are praying for a refua shleima for the baby girl she left behind, and for Hashem to give her family the strength to move on without her. We pray for Mashiach to come now so that this precious family be re-united with their wife/mother/sister/daughter/friend. I did not have the opportunity to ever meet Mrs. Rosen (OBM) but I have heard great things about her, and only wish her family well.

  • 14. Josh wrote:

    Mrs. Rosen was a teacher at Beth Tfiloh. I did not have her as a Hebrew teacher, but many of my friends had her. May her family be safe and happy, and a Refua Shleima to her baby.


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