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Air Canada to Honor Cheap Tickets Due to Glitch

Air Canada has confirmed today that they will honor tickets that were priced without a fuel surcharge due to a glitch that lasted for four hours on Sunday morning, leading to unimaginably cheap fares – such as $200 tickets from Miami to Tel Aviv.

From by Daniel Eleff:

Air Canada didn’t collect the fuel surcharge on most of their international flights on Sunday morning, making for some insane bargains in coach and business class to destinations across the globe as I covered in these four posts. The glitch lasted over 4 hours from when I first posted the deal, a surprisingly long amount of time for these types of deals.

I predicted on Sunday that Air Canada would honor the tickets despite there no longer being a requirement for them to do so, and indeed, Air Canada’s Twitter team has now confirmed with me that they will be honoring any confirmed tickets that were booked on Sunday without fuel surcharges. You can enter your record locator on under “My Bookings” to check that your tickets are confirmed.

There have been reports of people who booked on various fly-by-night online travel agencies who have been cancelled. The reason for that is that many of those agencies don’t have instant ticketing, so those bookings were cancelled. This often happens with the smaller online travel agencies and is why I don’t recommend using them. I haven’t seen any reports of people who booked tickets from Priceline or Orbitz being cancelled.


  • 1. ganeiva wrote:

    I.E. They will give in to ganovim who stole from them, and knew the prices were a glitch, in order to avoid a PR nightmare. Then, these ganovim will use the fact that they honored them as an excuse to steal more in the future.

    It is pretty sad that a gentile business cares more about public relations then the Jewish people.

    • 2. Yanki wrote:

      Everything will be OK. Please make some research on the full picture before you come up in arms. What you constantly label the yidden who took advantage of this deal is factually incorrect.


    • 3. Milhouse wrote:

      It is NOT geneiva to take advantage of an advertised price, no matter how low it is.

    • 4. Anonymous wrote:

      Awww, somebody missed out on these tickets and is having a bout of sour grapes now

    • 5. Happy for Them !!! wrote:

      You’re just sour you couldn’t get your hands on these deals, well neither did I but I’m for everyone that were to buy these tickets without the fuel surcharge.

      Don’t be so sour, your day will come too !!!

  • 6. ch wrote:

    You should be looking to melamed zechus on yiden especially elul. So hashem will be melamed zechus on you and your family. Don’t judge and you will not be judged

  • 7. ganeiva wrote:

    I didn’t miss out. I didn’t do it because I am not a ganif.

    Secondly it true there is a mitzvah to be milamed zchus but that does not include saying that something which is forbidden is permitted.

    I am melamed zchus that all of these thieves were misled by a community that taught them stealing is permissible. Mamesh tinokos shenishbu

  • 8. DeplorableIzzy wrote:

    Poor soul ganeiva.
    So angry for no reason. Be an example in your own life and stop judging others.
    Tell the truth to yourself: did your really saw the deal while ít was running?
    It happens that sometimes air companies launch a new route like Air Canada with the new Dreamliner and seek to fill part of the seats beforehand. Air Canada could have simply cancelled all those thickets but preferred to have a massive free advertisement campaign instead, with headlines about the ticked and the new route in all major news outlets.
    Next time, have a credit card at hand and try to be happy.


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