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New Song from Avraham Fried

5 new songs were compiled and recorded for the organization ‘Oorah’, from the performers; Avraham Fried, Shloime Daskal, Boruch Levin, Yisroel Williger and Dovid Gabay.

You can listen to the song by clicking them or you can download them by right clicking on them and saving it.

1. Galeh – Avraham Fried
2. Boneh – Shloime Daskal
3. Hatov – Dovid Gabay
4. Ma Ashiv- Yisroel Williger
5. Dovid Melech – Boruch Levin

To listen to a demo of all the songs click the link below
Demo of the CD


  • 1. Support our own wrote:

    I am surprised Avremel would help this organization. From what I have heard they are not pro-Chabad to say the least . . .

  • 2. Why Fried, Why? wrote:

    Why would Fried sing a song for such an openly anti-Lubavitch organization. Shame on him.

  • 3. reb yiddil hagodol wrote:

    couldn’t agree with the first 2 commentes more, although the rebbe once said that it doesn’t matter who name is it as long as the work is done. but these people make shluchim’s life miserable throughout the country.

  • 5. As surprised but not as quick to judge wrote:

    Fried’s number is in the Tzach list and in the White Pages. Ask him before shame-on-him-ing.

  • 6. Boro Parker wrote:

    Oorah, is an organization that hates Chabad, I don’t think it is appropiate to promote them in any way on your website. I personally know many people that were turned away and not helped by them because they were remotely connected to Chabad.

  • 7. Chasid wrote:

    to be quite frank, has ANYONE out there ever heard of something beeing sponsored by OORAH? i have yet to pass a OORAH hebrew academy or an OORAH house.

    but then again, who knows

  • 9. dont criticize wrote:

    lets hope they at least pay him well so it is worth all the criticism
    and to all those who criticize, dont forget to criticize all the ppl who join in their auction

  • 10. Itzhak Schier wrote:

    Keep in mind that AF could not survive if he appealed only to Lubavitcher audiences. He sells plenty of disks and performance tickets to Litvish and even Satmar fans. Also, while he does spread the message of Chabad and the Rebbe, he is a professional singer whose parnosso comes strictly from performing. Oorah, which also operates for-profit ventures including a phone service, has plenty of money to pay him, and there is no reason for him to turn them down. It is not as if chas vesholom he is singing for reform or conservative, and it is not as if he sings a commercial for Oorah. If anything we should be proud of him for singing a song that is clearly connected to the Rebbe’s message of imminent geulah, that in turn will be heard by thousands of frum Yidden from all different communities.

  • 11. zalmen goldberg wrote:

    people are completely bored and dont have nothing to do with their time just to critize on other people and besides avraham fried is best known for being a big ba`al chesed and doesnt turn down anyone, he sang for oorah as a donation -tzedaka wich is perfectly the right thing to do.

  • 12. Menachem Mendel wrote:

    Avraham you did what the REBBE wants by soreading the message of Moshiach. Great!!! Keep up giving the REBBE much happines


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