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Chidon Participants Enjoy Melava Malka & Farbrengen!

This Motzoai Shabbos the boys participating in this years International Chidon Hamitzvos had a Farbrengen and Melava Malka and enjoyed the musical performance of R. Chaim Fogelman.

More pictures in the Extended Article!


  • 1. Proud Parent of a Chidon Winner wrote:

    Thank you to Rabbi Y. Engel, Rabbi S. Weinbaum, and all the wonderful people who made the Chidon a super, fantastic experience for my son! He learned and grew so much from all the efforts he put into learning Sefer Hamitzvos, and he had a terrific time during the entire event, reconnecting with old friends and making new ones and generally having great fun. The Sunday program at Wingate was unforgettable, even better than expected. I was also impressed by the students who attended. They were an enthusiastic, well-behaved audience who demonstrated great Ahavas Yisroel in the way they gave Chizuk to the boys on stage. Keep up the great work! May we be zoche to celebrate next year’s Chidon in Yerushalayim with the Rebbe.

  • 2. zuch wrote:

    zuch leib yarmak is a tolmed of ohr menachem and is very very happy of the ppl that won
    yechi hamelech


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