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Google Cuts Off Pixel Resellers

A slew of google users, including one vocal Lubavitcher, were cut off from all their Google accounts as “punishment” for reselling a Pixel phone, which violates Google’s policies, reports the Associated Press.

From the Associated Press:

Some of Google’s unwitting users are learning a harsh lesson: If you violate the company’s policies, it can abruptly cut you off from your Gmail account, online photos and other vital digital services.

Several people who recently bought Google’s new Pixel phone on behalf of a New Hampshire dealer are now suffering that punishment after the company detected their online purchases and judged they violated its terms of service. Those rules, outlined in a document that few people read closely, forbid the purchase of the Pixel for “commercial” resale.

“There isn’t an hour that doesn’t go by that I don’t think about the enormity of what Google has done to me,” said one of the affected resellers, Shmuel Super of Brooklyn, New York. “This is like a digital death sentence.”

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  • 1. Eli wrote:

    Wow! I would never buy for the “new Hampshire” guys. I keep away from all that. Glad it worked out for them…this time.

  • 2. mordechai wrote:

    The New Hampshire guys are truly great guys and a mega Company who help many, many people in our local community as well as in many of our communities across America.
    Please dont disrespect them for your own pleasure.
    They did not do any violation of the law.

  • 4. Shimon bin Shotach wrote:

    Anyone who provides a means for others to increase in their parnasah, Hakadash boruch hu showers much wealth and success on that person.

    – Likutei Internetim Vol 26 Page 44

  • 5. chana k wrote:

    You’re kind of missing the point. All they had was a minor infraction of Goggle’s Terms & Conditions for buying phones from Google’s store. And Google cut them off from every part of their Google account- email, pictures, documents, etc.
    We rely on big ‘cloud’ service companies too much without remembering that they can pull the rug out from under you whenever they want.
    Use to back up all your google information into files you can store on your own computer of harddrive.

    • 6. Milhouse wrote:

      If you’re caught stealing from one department in a store, do you think you’ll be banned only from that department?! If you steal from one store in a chain, do you expect not to be banned from the whole chain?! Google is giving you free services, and all they ask in return is that you don’t cheat them.

      These people are lucky they only straw-purchased phones not guns. Straw-purchasing a gun can land you in prison.


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