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Calls for police investigation into Muslim extremism

By Jeremy Last – EJP
>The London Central Mosque, in
Regents Park.

…“Rabbi Aryeh Sufrin from Chabad Lubavitch Centre, Eastern Avenue, Gants Hill, told the Ilford Recorder: ”I’m quite horrified that this language is still being used“…

London (EJP) — Both Jewish and Muslim leaders have called for police to launch an official investigation into the Islamic extremism uncovered in the UK TV documentary “Undercover Mosque”, which revealed that anti-Semitic DVDs were on sale at London’s Central Mosque in Regents Park.

The films, contained the speeches by two radical preachers, Sheikh Feiz and Sheikh Khalid Yasin, which predict the mass-extermination of the Jews on a ”day of judgment,“ dismiss equal rights for women as ”foolishness,” and accuse the Christian faith of deliberately spreading the AIDS virus around Africa.

Dispatches, an investigative series on the UK’s Channel Four, also featured undercover footage of Murtaza Khan, an Islamic Studies teacher at Al-Noor Muslim primary school in Ilford, Essex, speaking out against Jews, Christians and “filthy non-Muslim doctors”.


Conservative MP Lee Scott told “I was appalled by some of the things we saw, it must be investigated, I want to know what this stuff was, and why it took a TV documentary to expose it. The mosque must know what is happening inside its building.

“Materials relating to hatred towards Jewish people are illegal, it must be clamped down on, and the sellers must be prosecuted.”

Labour MP Louise Ellman added: “It’s deeply disturbing that this preaching of hate is still going on. There should be a further investigation into the bookshop and what these people are preaching.”

The film was closely monitored by the Community Security Trust, the UK Jewish community’s security service. Mark Gardner, Director of Communication said: “This was a valuable expose of extremism and anti-Semitism, which should be condemned regardless of their source.”

Ghayasuddin Siddiqui, the head of the Muslim Parliament of Great Britain, also spoke out against the situation.

West Midlands Police said it was “considering the footage” filmed at Sparkbrook mosque in Birmingham, but Siddiqui said it was unacceptable that the force had yet to launch an investigation.

“British Muslims have a problem and it needs to be recognised. If it is, then we can isolate the few extremist individuals, and the entire community will stop being stigmatised,” he said.

Still teaching

According to the Sunday Telegraph, Khan is still teaching at the Al-Noor school.

Rabbi Aryeh Sufrin from Chabad Lubavitch Centre, Eastern Avenue, Gants Hill, told the Ilford Recorder: ”I’m quite horrified that this language is still being used when so much effort is going on between various faith families to create harmony and understanding.“

A statement from Al-noor primary School said: ”We are concerned by the claims made in the programme and have invited an investigation into them.

“We can categorically state that the alleged remarks highlighted in the programme do not reflect the views of this educational establishment. We do not hold, express or subscribe to any racially prejudiced or religiously bigoted views.

”We have always found Mr Khan to be a dedicated and committed teacher. He has never expressed religiously or racially intolerant views while teaching at Al-noor Primary.”


  • 1. fed up wrote:

    sick….who do they think they are???? this truly showz that the hatred and anti semitism has not fallen away after the nazi regime may they burn in hell…..we must stand strong as one jewish nation!

  • 3. Anon wrote:

    It is more to do with the colonization of these Muslims. They are conquered races by the Arabs, and conquered races react to the establishment. It just so happens they live in the Western world where the establishment is secular. Check out all the countries that have been colonized by Islam, and they are all violently reacting. Iraq especially (they were the Sumerians and Chaldens of old).

  • 5. Rochel wrote:

    Well i guess that being born in Morocco you sort of have a real view of these ppl and what they are capable of
    The Jews in Morocco used to say, (and we still say it today America)
    May Hashem save us from them and may they continue to kill each other in mass numbers.
    Someone once told me that a sign that Moshiach is coming is when our enemies will turn against each other and forget their hatred to us.
    Q: Has anyone ever heard of this before?
    Anyway may we all be protected from these animals.


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