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Private Course to Coach Women on Marital Relationship

After the tremendous success of his course on relationships for Chasanim and married men, Rabbi Manis Friedman has relented to the overwhelming demand and announced a parallel course for Kallahs and married women. The registrations have been flooding in, and anticipation is growing for the revolutionary course, which is set to begin tomorrow, December 5, via teleconference.

“What could Rabbi Manis Friedman possibly know that most of us are clueless about?”

That question was posed to graduates of a marriage course for men recently taught by Rabbi Friedman via teleconference.

The answers were pretty amazing. Even more amazing was the wide range of ages and stages of marriage of the participants.

From a rabbi married for over 20 years: “I am amazed at how this course has given me a more ‘aidel’ understanding to a highly ‘hush hush’ element in married life.”

From a Yungerman married with some young children: “Rabbi Friedman screwed my head on straight and turned on the light. This course removed the guessing game that I was trying to play, unsuccessfully.”

From a Chosson teacher and Mashpia for Yungerleit: “This is truly amazing and highly needed! Halacha should be taught by Chosson teachers and all Hashkofo should be handed over to Rabbi Friedman!”

Rabbi Friedman has been receiving non-stop feedback from the 120 participants of the first two courses he lead for Chassanim and Married Men. Across the board, participants are reporting the positive impact this revolutionary educational and inspirational course is having on their marriage and relationship.

Rabbi Zalman Friedman, director of It’s Good To Know and, received an overwhelming number of requests to run a parallel course for Kallahs and Married Women.

To answer the need, Rabbi Friedman announced a new program, titled “Marriage for Kallahs and wives.”

When asked how many participants he anticipates this course attracting, Rabbi Friedman said: “We are aiming high, and the registrations are coming in at a nice pace. We are using cutting edge software that provides for a first-class experience, from the sign-up process right through the actual live calls, as well as accessing the recordings for post-program review.”

Rabbi Manis Friedman is on a mission: to put sanity and sanctity back into the most sacred and foundational part of married life.

Come and learn, and take a positive step toward enhancing your greatest investment in life, your marriage.

Click here for course information and to register for the program.


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