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Video: Ultimate Weapon – Made in Israel


  • 1. smart? wrote:

    why would you advertise such a great new weapon? why give up your advantage on the battle field?

  • 3. think wrote:

    the reason for (number one): is because they need to sell it to make money on the other hand america no doubt have somthing maybe a step ahead of them but they do not open their mouth.
    and usally the one who buys the most from isreal is america why?
    to keep their economy going because we have the money to spend for fun or to help another country.
    because if it would not be for us isreal could make great wepons from today til tomorrow bu will make no money because who will buy it the arabs???

  • 5. NICE wrote:

    This was the REBBE’s shi’ta to expose to the enemy the type of capability you have and that may serve as a deterrent. May G-d watch over and protect all members of Tza’hal!

  • 6. Yid wrote:

    The idea that all these stuff originated in Isreal is slightly skewed:

    The Uzi – actually a European machine gun but highly modified and enhanced and customized and rebranded by the IDF

    The Shermen – this was the Six Day War tank that scored its advanced Russain built counterpart. Actually, it was an outdated Hungarian tank that was extremely beefed up with armor, a compleatly redesighned cannon, next generation explosives, and its wheels were replaced with buldoser trackter tracks. So it wasn’t exactly an Isreali built tank, but rather a seriously costomized hand-me-down from a third world nation.

    The Nesher – French. Costomized to their needs. Later compleatly rebuilt from the ground as the Kfir.

    Krav Maga – though born in isreal, actually takes the best of many martial arts and modifed and costomized to the needs of the time

    The Lavi – made headlines in the early Eighties as an all isreali built ultamate figher jet. Actually, it was built based on blueprints of the then-new F16. Though desighned as a highbird of the F16 and the Kfir, the technology was still built on top of US reaserch of Lockheed Martin.

    Stuxnet- it is “claimed” to actually be the work of NASA or the USAF, again packaged and modified and delivered by the Mossad

    So we see that all the hype about “made in Israel” is actually made somewhere else only that Isreal has gotten their hands on the stuff and made it better

  • 7. Yid wrote:

    This is just one of the million things they use to bolster citizen’s confidence. Its also one of the smallest tools they have to brag about. They won’t tell you about the real stuff they’ve got up their sleeves.

    Also, I’m this weapon is actually ever used. It’s nice in theory, or for show, but in reality when their in battle this type of fancy equipment could only slow them down. using mirrors around corners and sticking your weapon out makes zero sence to a fighter. But I’m no expert so it doesn’t mean much.

    Tell us about the real capabilities!!! (Cyberweapons, bioweapons- the real stuff)

  • 8. corner boy wrote:

    @ #2: if the market hasn’t been cornered , at least they had a good shot at it!

  • 9. Yid wrote:

    But lets hope they don’t sell it to Iran as they would do in the past


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