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New English Rendition of ‘Kuntres Umaayon’


The popular Chassidic Heritage Series publicizing selected Maamors with English translations has just released the ‘Kuntres Umaayan’ booklet of Maamors recited by the Rebbe Rashab, with a comprehensive English translation. ‘Kuntres Umaayon’ – named ‘Overcoming Folly’ is one of the basic Chassidic works recommended for beginners in several of the Rebbe’s letters. In many yeshivas this book has become a preliminary to further study of Chassidus. The book is available in the Kehot shop and other bookshops both online and in-store.

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  • 1. Chabad wrote:

    Kudos Rabbi Friedman, you did it again!

    Hatzlocho rabbah, b’hafotzas ha’mayonus chutza.


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