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Bochur Mugged and Assaulted on Crown St.

The knife allegedly used in the assault

At around 12:35 last night a Bochur on his way home from a wedding was attacked by a black male on Crown between Brooklyn and New York. The Bochur, who was intoxicated, and talking on his phone when according to two witnesses, he was attacked by a ‘large built’ black male and after being knocked to the ground had his Cell Phone taken.

One witness stated that he clearly saw the knife while the other said he didn’t see it. The Bochur sustained minor injuries which consisted of scrapes and bruises to his knees was taken by Hatzalah to Kings County Hospital, against the will of the responding police officers.

Shomrim were called to this incident, but given the victims state of mind it was hard to determine what had happened, and after the witnesses approached it was too late to attempt and locate the assailant.

The responding police officer was adamant as to the fact that the bruises the Bochur sustained were the end result of being hit by a car! And the officer completely ignored the knife, stating it was ‘probably not involved’.


  • 1. im a police oficer medic emt............ wrote:

    yes a nother beutifull job by the police of the 71 or are they doctors, medics, emts, they keep upgrading way to go 71st precint/hospital .
    they (the police) will start being medical examiners soon and when a jew gets killed they will say hes not dead and walk away

  • 2. Observer wrote:

    These perps are in our neighborhood and attacking our safety. Now when schools are scheduled to open soon and people are coming back from the country we have to ensure the safety of our children AND adults. Perhaps a petition from the neighborhood for more patrol cars in the evening and night hours would be beneficial.

  • 3. myself wrote:

    omg ..thats my block and its supposed to be the "safe" side of crown heights! what is our neighborhood coming to?

  • 5. upset wrote:

    when will the police understand that we are not safe in c.h. do they want another riet the police have to do something NOW!!

  • 6. not a frier {loser} wrote:

    time to start to do somting not count on the evearedy nypd its interesting that ther wer witnises and thay dident but in time for ch to start biting back

  • 8. Hic wrote:

    Lots of intoxication going on lately….is it the ‘moon’…or…the moonshine…….

  • 10. some 14 year old wrote:

    this neighborhood is becoming like a getto firts that guy gets shot then that kid gets beten and mugged some other stuff now this!!!!

  • 11. To Observer and Everyone Else wrote:

    The way to change things is with letters, not petitions, because many people blindly sign petitions to get the petitioner off their backs. They don’t blindly go through the trouble of printing and signing and stamping and mailing a letter. If they do all that, they must care about it. Or so the logic goes…

    Somebody write up a form letter requesting more patrols in CH and the reasons why we need them and what everybody needs to do is print it out, sign it and mail it to 71st, the main NYPD and City Hall. That way everybody involved in bureaucratic changes knows what we want.

    Although, being that the police are soooo helpful these days, I don’t know if it would help us to have more of them around….

  • 12. Itzik_s wrote:

    While there is no excuse for what happened, it is best that someone who leaves a simcha or farbrengen intoxicated is accompanied by friends – otherwise he is an easy victim for this kind of scum, especially as he is unable to communicate with the police (who will then turn it into a non-offence or even find a way to book the victim for drunk and disorderly conduct).

  • 13. BrookAve wrote:

    to myself: Crown St. is NOT the safe side, Rogers Avenue is. Start packing. When you’re "chai" and babbling on a cell, and young and ALONE and wobbling down the street in Crown Heights at that hour, you are asking for trouble. Our neighbors are doing that during the day holding little brown bags(bottled water). Where are the parents to give advise and counsel? Wow, I was looking for a knife like that to chop up ribs. Who doesn’t like bar-b-q?

  • 15. trouble wrote:

    All of you keep talking about more patrols in CH. YOUR 100% right, but not NYPD, action not words will solve this problem. Take the time and volunteer with the crown heights patrols. Shomrim seems to be out there, but they can only do so much with limited man power.

  • 18. OY wrote:

    Is it just me or does it seem that the cops in our neighborhood keep trying to cover up crime? Telling people not to file a police report, and down playing a situation; is done to keep the statistics good for our neighborhood. As a result we are the ones losing out, and it appears the the higher ups as if they are actually doing a good job patrolling our streets!

  • 19. Eliezer wrote:

    maybe a petition to the police commisioner, complaining about the 71st would be more helpfull! this is just like by the riots, police stand watching. Bunch of racist !#$@&…

  • 20. Rabbi C wrote:

    UNDERAGED DRINKING is the root of the problem. It needs to be stopped IMMEDIATELY. Parents, crack down on your children. Let’s make Crown Heights into the Chassidshe enclave it should be, rather than the butt of the jokes of all the other Chassidim. Let’s teach our children to CONTROL THEMSELVES and not to overindulge in anything, especially liquor, which is the most common drug our kids get their hands on, thanks to lax adults. This is such a chillul Hashem. We need serious help from Hashem to restore our community’s wholesomeness.

  • 21. Moishy Goldstein wrote:

    Are those noughty police officers the "infamous" Sonei Yisrael?!

  • 22. dovhikind wrote:

    This is a letter written from Gidone’s mother, Doris Busch Boskey: On this Wednesday, August 30th at 6:00 PM, at 1619 46th Street in Borough Park there will be a memorial for my son Gary, also known as Gidone
    Busch. He was shot on August 30, 1999, in front of numerous shocked witnesses, who said he posed no threat to anyone, either before or when he was abused, shot and killed by police. Seven years later, there is
    still no justice. His Yahrzeit in the Jewish calendar is Elul 18, September 11th.

    Numerous eye witness accounts, testimony and documentation acquired over the years show that police officers, high officials–including then Mayor Guiliani and Police Commissioner Safir–and representatives of the
    City, lied in their accounts of the incident, lied about the number of officers involved, and lied about Gary. The evidence clearly indicates obstruction of justice, tampering with witnesses, evidence, records,
    reports and more. This was a cover-up from the moment that first shot was fired, in what one eyewitness called "a police execution." This case was denied a criminal trial due to a biased, false and incomplete grand jury presentation, by the Brooklyn DA’s office which
    manipulated facts and testimony, and had an agenda, along with Internal Affairs and the City, not to indict the police, at all costs. The Assistant DA knowingly used falsified crime scene photos and sketches taken after evidence was moved and tampered with. These photos and sketches were shown to the officers, witnesses and grand jurors, in order to create a false picture of the crime scene, and to make Gary appear closer to the officers when he was shot, so as to give the impression that he was lunging or attacking, thereby justifying their
    decision to shoot to kill. False information was released, while critical facts, testimony and information were withheld. Gary was demonized and falsely portrayed, to take the focus off what really happened, and off all those involved. He wasn’t a criminal, and posed no threat to the officers or anyone, as they knew. He had plans to
    attend a wedding later that night with his fiancé. The eight or more officers with their pepper spray, nightsticks and guns were the real deadly threat. Sgt. O’Brien alone, at that time was 195 pounds, a weight
    lifter, and had been cited before for excessive force and lying, as were others there. Gary was 159 pounds, had allergies and asthma, and wore glasses he didn’t have on at the time. Police came to his door when he
    was in the middle of prayers. He was wearing dark pants, a white shirt, a white prayer shawl, tefillin, and holding a small religiously inscribed hammer.

  • 23. dov hikind continued wrote:

    As Gary stood in the stairwell in front of his door, he was pepper
    sprayed directly in his eyes and face. As he tried blindly to get up the
    steps and away from his attackers, screaming in pain and fear, unable to
    see or breathe because of the pepper spray, officers followed with guns
    drawn. Other officers were also in the street. Gary crossed the driveway
    to the sidewalk and low stairway wall of 1625, the adjacent building,
    away from the officers. He stood there blinded and terrified, holding
    the small hammer, a religious object to him, with both hands up close to
    his head. According to the many eyewitnesses, without any provocation or
    movement forward by Gary, officers crouched, counted down and fired a
    hail of bullets–one shot and then a volley–hitting him at least twelve
    times, even his back. His body had numerous abrasions, contusions, a
    fractured left femur from a bullet, and 19 holes.
    Judge Sterling Johnson who presided at the civil trial, made the
    landmark decision on September 9, 2004, that the jury verdict of
    November 2003, clearing officers of having used excessive force, "was
    against the weight of the evidence." He stated: "It would be a
    miscarriage of justice to let that verdict stand." He found that
    "officers’ testimony was incredible" and that "Gary posed no immediate
    threat to the officers or others when he was shot." He ordered a new
    trial. After reviewing trial testimony, photos and the evidence
    presented, he found that many of the officers accounts were "untruthful
    and exaggerated" including, as the Judge pointed out, about the alleged
    attack on Sgt. O’Brien on the steps. Witnesses standing close by, as
    well as some of the officers, never saw Gary attack or hit O’Brien or
    any officer as Gary came up the steps and went past the officers.

    Testimony and evidence confirmed that Gary was not near the officers,
    and was not moving towards them when he was shot. He fell to his right
    after he was shot, close to where he was standing when officers fired.
    The small hammer was seen laying right next to him at the wall of 1625
    where he fell, before it was moved. Judge Johnson determined the hammer
    had been moved across the driveway by the officers, in order to make it
    appear that Gary was standing there, closer to the officers and his
    apartment when he was shot. Judge Johnson also determined there was
    "collusion among the officers" after the shooting; this included
    crossing out an eyewitness’ name by an officer, who didn’t like when the
    witness said "there was no reason to shoot."

    There was even more Judge Johnson was not made aware of at the time of
    the civil trial, or was misinformed about, that would have further
    indicated the extent of the cover-up. There were, for example, no 911
    calls that day alleging that Gary was threatening neighbors or anyone.
    That was yet another story among many created, to portray Gary falsely,
    all part of the police effort to try to justify their actions. Other
    evidence was moved and tampered with as well, including tefillin Gary
    was wearing. There were also more officers at the scene and more who
    fired, including a woman officer seen firing by many witnesses, possibly

    There has been no justice or accountability for the brutalization and
    killing of Gary, or the lies about him and what happened. Although Judge
    Johnson opened the way for a new trial–reaffirming his decision in
    September of 2005, against the City’s objections–it would take a great
    deal of physical and emotional stamina to go through another civil
    trial, one that wouldn’t even include all the defendants or claims that
    were involved in this case. Such a trial, would be about placing a
    monetary value on a life that was precious, not about real justice, or

    This case should be reopened criminally by the Dept. of Justice in
    Washington DC, because a local District Attorney’s office, as well as
    Internal Affairs and others here, were involved. The US Attorney’s
    office prematurely closed their case in June of 2001, which was based on
    false and incomplete information. Even so they indicated that Gary was
    not moving forward when he was shot and noted the possibility of
    collusion by the officers to Internal Affairs, but nothing was followed
    up. Since then we have acquired critical new evidence, testimony and
    information. This warrants a criminal case. Without truth, justice and
    accountability, there can be no systemic changes.

    Doris Busch Boskey


  • 25. mg wrote:

    Can someone answer on why these bochurim are getting intoxicated? I understand that at farbrengens there are l’chaims. However, bochurim are putting themselves in dangerous situations, G-d forbid, if they continue to overdrink. Where are their rebbeim?

  • 26. Yosef S. wrote:

    I was coming back from Bryskis wedding around the same time last night and I was going to walk exactly in that direction. Something inside me said to walk with someone else. I ended up walking up Albany versus brooklyn and New York where I was heading anyways!!! It sacry to think I could have been there!

  • 27. scared parent wrote:

    You guys are missing the point I dont think it matters if the bochur was drunk or not the point is another person got mugged in CH. If out community council actually did something like get more security on the streets it would be nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The girls are starting school soon they will be walking home at 5 the streets will be dark. Y do I have to sit and worry till my daughter calls and says I am home?!!!!!!!!!! RUBASHKIN Start doing what u are soppose to do. Protect the people in CH>

  • 28. Lauren wrote:

    Attn: Why Gotta Say That

    Even worse if he was of drinking age. We really need to educate our youth AND older bochurim about th dangers of drinking. B"H the outcome here was not chas vechalilah a disastrous one – but the chance exists for more if we don’t crack down soon.

  • 29. Beyond belief wrote:

    The only ones to blame for this massive increase in violent crime are the community council.

    We haven’y heard a single word from any one of them about anything except Bush v. Rubashkin.

    what the hell are they doing for us? Doesn’t anyone out there care??

  • 30. Still beyond belief wrote:

    to Scared Parent

    Are you and me the only ones who see what’s happening here? How corrupt is the CC that they don’t make any Machor against the cops?

    We’ve had a murder. Nothing was done What’s left?

    We the people must take action cos those we "elected" to do it don’t do anything except puff their pathetic egos & take pictures. Lots of pictures.

    Serious suggestions, please.

    PS…You guys @ Beis Shmuel seem to like to get involved. step up to the plate. Show some backbone. Get the public involved. Organize a meeting. The mothers can’t, it’s not allowed.


  • 31. how bad can it get? wrote:

    enough is enough…why can’t there be more protection out on the streets…children coming home from school when it is getting dark…going to simchas…you can’t go anywhere without being afraid!!!! can’t someone do something to improve the safety?!?!?!?!?! it’s crazy how bad it has gotten…

  • 32. thinking.... wrote:

    forget walking down the street at night gd forbid it may become like this during the day and they we can never feel comfortable walking down the street at any hour…. i agree with scared parent it doesnt matter about the bochur its that he was mugged and it would have happened if he was drunk or not… it doesnt seem like there is a safe part of town anymore which is really scary!!! something needs to be down

  • 35. the defender wrote:

    forget petitions forget all that crap,

    IT’S TIME TO KICK SOME BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 37. a former ch er wrote:

    I think we should control ch not the cops,since there lacking in many ways. and there not doing there job properly many times does such an incident have to arise for us to speak and stick up for ourselves..Why should we feel that we have to look over both shoulders
    in order to feel safe????Not thinking that some big black dude is gonna jump behind u and scare u to death.I read that when the black jumped the youngster.The teenager recieved a couple of powerful blows to the ground.All the black guy wanted was a cell phone?????U can get them for free these days…It has to be the black guy wanted something more than a cell phone!!!!!…I hope such a thing isnt gonna happen again… one deserves a big black guy breathing on u…


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