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Empire and Troy, Still the most dangerous intersection in CH

Last night at around 12:30 there was a collision between two cars, a car service and a Hyundai, what appears to have happened was on car was traveling down Empire and the other up Troy and collided at the center of the intersection. There were no serious injuries reported and passengers from the car service were transported to a local hospital. There were no Yidden involved.

Last week there was another incident where a Jewish child was struck by a car there, B”H the injuries weren’t serious. Parents and drivers please pay more attention, in the past week we nearly had a tragedy L”A with the child that got trapped in a gate and this intersection had the most accidents throughout Crown Heights.

More pictures in the Extended Article.


  • 1. sarah p wrote:

    this is not nomal!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why are there so many car accidents lately?????????

  • 2. Tickets for Jews wrote:

    Maybe if they gave more tickets to Jews, this won’t happen.
    Just maybe.

  • 3. Foncused wrote:

    I’m trying to find a hint of sarcasm in "Tickets for Jews" comment but its pretty hard to when its written in plain black….please make yourself clear.

  • 4. avi wrote:

    to "Tickets for Jews" next time read the article more carefull "There were no Yidden involved" so more tickets to shvartzas would be more appropriate.

  • 6. Itzik_s wrote:

    Tickets for Jews wrote:
    Maybe if they gave more tickets to Jews, this won’t happen.
    Just maybe.

    I think you mean the opposite – assuming you are not being sarcastic.

    If more tickets were served upon those who are committing more serious offenses (many of whom are not from CH, Jewish or otherwise, and a preponderance of whom seem to be livery drivers) as opposed to ticketing Jewish drivers from the neighborhood for more minor offences, the neighborhood would be safer for traffic as well as in all other respects.

  • 8. Attn: Mr. Tickets for Jews wrote:

    They do give more tickets to jews and jentials still crash. Maybe if people like you would more curtious, this won’t happen. Just maybe.

  • 11. Moishy Goldstein wrote:

    It appears that "Tickets for Jews" might not indeed be Jewish, and just bluntly let out a comment, and this is the attention he gets – 9 comments?!

    Please excuse my hypocrisy.

  • 12. Tickets for Jews wrote:

    Ohhh Come on,
    I am Jewish; Yes, I was trying to be a little sarcastic.

    I was just trying to say what Itzik_s wrote above, just in fewer words, (maybe it was a little black).

    I thought just maybe, maybe, people would get it.
    I was just trying to say all that you said back in your replies.
    Sorry for the misunderstanding.
    (Im really Trying to figure out, am I the only one going the wrong way down the Highway or is everybody else going the wrong way).

  • 13. an old problem wrote:

    i live on the corner and this is a problem going back at least 10 years this is not someting which started lately!!!
    it is about time we do someting about it!

  • 14. child ?!?!?!? wrote:

    the "child" that was "slighty" (?????) injured last thursday is a 23 year old husband, who crossed on a green light.

  • 15. sd wrote:

    You missed out the accident that git someone crossing there a few days ago and Hatzalah took him away

  • 16. got PhD in Psychology wrote:

    I agree with Moishy

    tickets for jews does not smell right – looks like reverse psychology to me

  • 17. chrup! wrote:

    i think its just a sarcastic comment and all you guys are already blowing your tops. its called sarcasm!

  • 18. south african wrote:

    this is funnyor sad.u ppl are funny …ur all too straight, and serious try to think out of the lil box u live in and catch some humour!!!

  • 19. BrookAve wrote:

    A bit of advice. Wait at least three seconds before crossing in this town. You must not go on green in CH. I have gotten used to the sound of honking. I love it.

  • 20. ticketed already wrote:

    to tickets for Jews…get a real job, stop wasting time.

    To all you idiots who responded so frantically to thus nut…WHY BOTHER?


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