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New CD: Bein Kach Ubein Kach – Avraham Fried

Scheduled to be released on Chai Elul is Avraham Fried’s new CD entitled Bein Kach Ubein Kach. The CD will include 13 tracks plus a music video.

Click here to listen to samples of the tracks!


  • 6. OT Bochur wrote:

    i don’t know why he sings the way he does. if he would only sing the way he did in his early albums! he is such a talent but simply wastes it, i dont know why!

  • 7. Hypo wrote:

    OT Bochur!

    I think he is the only one singer in the JM business who has ORIGINAL feelings, hes music not just simple songs. In my opinion he is the best and real jewish music.

    Somebody who likes matisyahu maybe doesnt like fried:}}

    I Like him a Lot and in HUNGARY fried has lot of fans

  • 8. Itzik_s wrote:

    Even if you were to say that some of his songs sound the same, this album clearly breaks new ground. It has everything from classic Fried to Sefardish to Williamsburgh Chassidish! I cannot wait to get this one!

    The early albums sounded different only because the style and the type of accompaniment and technology of those times was very different from what we have now. Also, his audience has changed with the times – more and more BT’s, more Modern Orthodox who are moving to the right and avoiding secular music, a whole new generation that barely remembers his older stuff (and to whom MBD also means little as he seems to be fading) etc have joined his traditional fan base.

    So, enjoy this new album!

  • 9. Important Note wrote:

    I just wanted to bring out an important point. It costs the artist a lot of money to produce his albums. Nowadays people have i pods and it takes only one person to buy the album and suddenly whole Yeshivas and entire schools have the cd on their i pods a noone pays for it. Please realize this is STEALING!!!! The same way you wouldn’t walk off with food from a store, or a cd form Judaica world, you shouldn’t download from your friends for free.

  • 12. Hypo wrote:

    Im ver happy to read these comments, becasue i think in the same way, he brings so much happiness, wisdom, european niggunim. Here in hungary lot of BT start their jewish life with avraham fried and MBD.

    So Mazal tov Avremele keep up the good work. and Shabbat shalom CrownHeights


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