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Siyum at Bais Shmuel

A Siyum on Mesechtes Avoda Zarah took place Tuesday Chof Ches Menachem Av at Beis Shmuel, 825 Eastern Parkway.

The shiur began about 3 years ago, thanks to the efforts of R. Ari Chitrik, after various yungerleit made a Hachlata at a Farbrengen, for Kviyas Itim L’Torah.

More pictures in the Extended Article.

One of those participants, Mutty Fogelman, then sponsored the Shiur L’iluy Nishmas his brother, R. Chaim Yosef ben R. Yehuda Tzvi Fogelman yblchtv“a Shliach to Worcester Mass.

The Shiur, brilliantly given by R. Chitrik, allows local yungerleit the opportunity to partake in an in-depth, yet down to earth shiur in gemara, which addresses varying levels of talmudic texts including the responsa and halachic works of a myriad of sources and often leads to discussions on Halacha and Maasa B’poel.

About 40 Yungerleit attended the Siyum and started the new Mesechte ‘Rosh Hashona” as well.

At this time the shiur is held at Bais Shmuel every Tuesday at 8:30pm all are invited to join.


  • 4. Chabadnik wrote:

    Yasher koach! Seeing pictures like these makes this out-of-the-shchuna Chabad family smile with pride at the activities of the bochurim and yungerleit in the Rebbe’s shchuna. Yechi haMelech!

  • 7. hmmm wrote:

    finaaly some ppl started workking to make "kan tzivah" a better place nice job lets see some more of theese kind of things

  • 8. Voice of Crown Heights wrote:

    May this be a lead to building more Achdus in the Shechuna of the Rebbe Mh"m

  • 9. Volvy wrote:

    What do you mean by ‘in depth,yet down to earth’, when describing the shiur?
    Don’t use mumbo jumbo on the site please.

  • 10. A participant wrote:

    Volvy: I’m a regular participant at the shiur, and "in depth yet down to earth" describes it to a tee. R’ Chitrik explains the Gemara with numerous references to Tosafos, other mefarshim, and the relevant halachos in Shulchan Aruch; at the same time, he gives all of this over in a way that’s pleasant and easy to follow, and spiced with the occasional Chassidishe vort or story.

    If you live in Crown Heights, come sometime and see for yourself!

  • 11. yasher koach wrote:

    yasher koach bais shmuel for hosting the shiur even though all the atendees dont daven there

  • 13. mee(ur relative thats too embarrased to wrote:

    a big yasher koach to moshe….your da man…

  • 14. meir rhodes wrote:

    i would encourage all those who enjoy learning to join this shiur. ari gives over the gemorrah in a clear, deep way. the chevra are sharp and humor abounds. this shiur should be standing room only!

  • 15. Member of the sklad ! wrote:

    The most important point is glossed over: "Vi a glezel Mashke vert nit farfallen", amazing all as a result of a farbrengen! This certainly goes a step further then R’ Meyer Itkin’s sheyichye saying "iber ah kahp mashke vert nisht kain sonim"!
    Many should observe and follow in the footsteps!


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