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New CD: Expression of the Soul

Click Here to listen to a demo of this CD

Infinity Productions announces the release, G-d willing, of its new CD album introducing the baal menagen – vocalist of Chasidic melodies – Mayer Simcha Rivkin, in his debut performance on a CD. Singing the Rebbe’s 14 niggunim, “EXPRESSIONS OF THE SOUL,” he performs these beautiful, reflective, mystical melodies in a sweet, heartfelt voice, sure to inspire listeners to sing along, rejoice and shed a tear of joy.

The unique orchestral music arrangements and vocal recordings were done by the well known and talented Zalman Goldstein, head of the Jewish Learning Group and producer of the popular musical recordings “Chabad Classics,” at his recording studio in North Miami, Florida. Mixing and mastering were done at the renowned HYPERSTUDIO in West Hempstead, New York, by Eitan Kantor, known for his work with Jewish and international artists such as Shlomo Carlebach, Mordechai Ben David, Yoel Sharabi, Bob Mentzer and Roberta Flack.

As one who has heard the Rebbe sing many of these melodies, Mayer Simcha felt a deep sense of mission to preserve these niggunim in their original form, as sung by the Rebbe himself. The niggunim are sung here masterfully, without superfluous embellishments, enabling the intrinsic soul qualities of the niggunim to shine forth, communicating the Rebbe’s fire and spirit to all listeners.

Professionals in the Jewish music field as producers and song writers, who have heard samples of the CD, have unanimously commented as to the quality of the music arrangements and the warm heartfelt “gishmak” sound of the vocals. They were most impressed with the unique clear resonating voice of the vocalist, predicting this CD to be a hit in all Jewish circles. Also, a number of Chabad “niggina mayvens” after listening to the album, have commented that they have up to now, not heard these melodies conveyed in quite the same correct and emotion filled manner, as they were indeed intended by the “baalei niggina” and Rebbeim who composed them.

Mayer Simcha, who has just recently started pursuing his true passion of recording Chassidic music, started his professional career in the early 1970’s by launching and serving as editor-in-chief of The Uforatzto Journal, published by Lubavitch Youth Organization. Issued until the mid 1980’s, this was the first professional quality magazine of Chabad-Lubavitch. Its attractive format and colorful pages and content brought the movement’s rich history, ideals and manifold activities to a far wider public than had ever been reached before. It set the standard for all Chabad magazines and periodicals appearing since then around the world in a multitude of languages.

After several years as a jeweler, Mayer Simcha became a builder and developer of properties in areas such as Kings Point, NY, the Five Towns on Long Island, Boro Park, Brooklyn, and New York City. He has renovated and built homes in Crown Heights, for such personalities as Avrohom Fried, Joseph Zakon of Keser Wines, developer Shaya Boymelgreen and Meyer Eichler of Eichlers Judaica and Liberty Pointe Bank.
Mayer Simcha takes great pride in the shuls he has built in Queens & Brooklyn. He is especially proud of his involvement in the new building of the Shluchim Office, the center for Chabad-Lubavitch representatives worldwide, and in the major renovation of the central Lubavitch Shul – the Rebbe’s Shul- and Lubavitch World Headquarters at 770 Eastern Parkway, Crown Heights, Brooklyn. His crowning achievements as a builder are the magnificent 120,000 square foot Campus Chomesh of Beth Rivkah Girls School Lubavitch, and the 70,000 square foot dormitory and dining facilities building of the Central Lubavitcher Yeshivah, both in Crown Heights.

In 2002, Mayer Simcha moved with his family to Bay Harbor Islands, Florida. As an occasional Chazan and Baal Tefila at The Shul of Bal Harbor, he inspires many with his sweet, heartfelt renditions of the prayers and melodies. Indeed, it was many of his friends and fellow members at The Shul who have urged him to record his singing, to enable the wider public to be touched by the special experience.

Included with the CD is a 28-page detailed booklet explaining the historical background and profound content of each of the niggunim, along with translations and transliteration. The booklet is based largely on explanations the Rebbe himself gave when he introduced and sang the melodies.
The CD will be released on Chai Elul (September 11), birthday of the Baal Shem Tov, the founder of Chassidism, which places great emphasis on the significance of melody in serving G-d. It is also the birthday of the Alter Rebbe, Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, founder of the Chabad-Lubavitch school of Chassidism, himself a prolific composer of profound melodies.

This is the first of a planned series of recordings by Mayer Simcha Rivkin. A second recording is already in pre-production, with details to be announced soon, G-d willing


  • 2. Infinity Productions wrote:

    Mayer Rivkin’s CD will, G-d willing be available at your local Judaica store accross the country and throughout the world. CD release date is Chai Elul – September 11. A list of stores will be available through the distributor (CHAZAK DIST.) in the near future.

  • 3. Dave wrote:


    The cover photograph is first class!

    Just out of curiousity, it sure would be nice if someone would list the 14 niggunim on the cd….

    Much success!

  • 4. Infinity Productions wrote:

    The 14 niggunim featured on Mayer Rivkin’s CD "EXPRESSIONS OF THE SOUL" – TENUOS HA’REBBE -are in the order as the Rebbe taught them:


  • 5. Dee wrote:

    It looks like someone doctored the color of the Rebbes eyes in the picture. Am I just imagining?

  • 7. Nice..but... wrote:

    After listening to the demo, i think it’s a beautiful idea, with basicaly nice music, but…the voice, i mean…it’s a bit too old, dont mean to sound nasty, but either he needs to get professional voice training, or teach a younger man the way he wants the songs to be sung, and there you have it, also i think the songs urgently need a choir (adult) for harmony, but on a general note, i think his ambtions are great and should be expanded on a wider spectrum, thank you for accepting my

  • 8. mendel rabkin wrote:

    Mayer Rivkin’s voice singing these niggunim touches something very deep in the jewish neshama.

  • 9. yosie zuker wrote:

    chodesh elul
    i dont give u credit for the niggunim …they belong to all of us..however the delivery deserves credit,
    its takes u from u r ..n puts u ehere you r supposed to be[es lost zich davenen]

    ifinity productions…very suitable..
    its ”rotzui with questionable ”shuv”

    words of caution shoul be written on cover…
    not to play disc alone…

    u can delete ”not to play on shabbos n yom tov…farkert ..
    [thanks for putting me in a guilty frame of mind i needed it…]

  • 11. Shena Gitel Astrin wrote:

    I have this CD and would like to buy more as gifts, but I can’t find it in Judaica World. They told me it’s no longer available. I would very much like to get it for a friend in the hospital now. Where can I get it?


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