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Thousands at Livaya of Chaya Mushka Etia

A huge crowd participated in the livaya of Chaya Mushka Etiya, a’h, daughter of Rabbi Victor Etiya, shliach to Kiryat Arba. She passed away tragically in a fire earlier today. Aside from the family members and locals, the crowd included Lubavitchers from around the country, headed by representative of the Chabad Court in Israel, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Glucowsky, Chairman of Aguch, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Aharonov, representatives of Tzach and others.

More picture in the Extended Article.


  • 2. lizman wrote:

    oiy meh huyu lunu

    what can we do

    have peace be good to one another

    love your fellow jew

  • 4. ad mosai!!! wrote:

    this is terrible!!!! guys, we MUST have ahavas yisroel towards one another, and stop this fighting!

  • 5. Mendy wrote:

    I"m sure there were thousands as claimed, but the photos make it look like only 50.

  • 6. BB wrote:

    Rabbi Atya is a very special person, His family has amazing Hachnosat Orchim.
    Why do bad things happen to good people?

  • 8. YOSSIE wrote:

    I can only cry. i talk about myself also when i write are we so thick and selfish we are all a chain in life AHAVAS YISROEL. AHAVAS YISROEL .AHAVAS YISROEL . THANK YOU

  • 9. one yid wrote:

    Yossi is right we should all look at ourselves first, if everyone would just promise to go one step ahead in ahavas yisroel, I know what I have to do and its not always easy, just put yourselves in the other person’s postion the one you might be having a lack of ahavas yisroel for. We should hear only good news from now on especially the greatest news the coming of Moshiach Tzedkanu

  • 10. Sarah wrote:

    My heart is broken…. Please we must begin to look at our Tsnius, Ahavas yisroel,tefillah, tzedakah, loshen hora!!!!
    We must stand united to bring Moshiach NOW!!!!


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