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Traffic ticket leads to altercation in Crown Heights


Click here for a newscast of this event

Crown Heights — A parking ticket given to a woman Saturday night in Crown Heights led to an altercation with police.

Witnesses on Franklin Avenue say they saw 27-year-old Nicole Edite receive a ticket for double parking in front of a store. But they say after the Brooklyn woman cursed at the officer and snatched her ticket away, the officer turned violent and threw the woman to the ground. Witnesses are calling the incident police brutality.

Police say that Edite was in the wrong. Police told News 12 Brooklyn snatching the summons was considered “physical contact.” Edite faces several charges including resisting arrest and harassment. Her family says they plan to file a formal complaint against the officer.


  • 1. Cee wrote:

    Webby, I said it before, other have said it too.

    This website needs to do two things

    1) create a post with the information and links to file official complaints online. Make it as easy as possible for people to follow.

    2) post when the next public meeting will be at the 71st precinct. We must show up in huge numbers and make our voices heard!

  • 2. Leebee B-miz-rach wrote:

    Although I am on Shlichus now and physically distant from CH, as one would expect, my attachment is still very strong. It is thus that I am troubled by SOME of the reporting that goes on on this otherwise wonderful and helpful website.

    I wonder why you report crimes, traffic accidents, and other events that have no relevance to Anash or yidden in the Sh’chuna? I am sure that there are those who might argue that as concerned citizens and yidden that are responsible for the world around us, we should take an interest in all of these events. I respectfully beg to differ.

    While we do carry some responsibility in that direction, you need to consider the net effect of these postings. I believe that what it does MORE than anything else, is frighten residents and non-residents of CH. When you read several such scary headlines, adding a few that are unrelated to the "Sh’chuna" as we know it – if you care about the place and it’s residents – you leave with an unnecessary and overwrought sense of dread.

    I am not really reffering to those stories that involve yidden. But even those should be thought out.

    A point to keep in mind. After the horrible riots, when many visible people and media outlets visited the Rebbe, he insisted that they not associate the name "Crown Heights" to what had happened. The Rebbe explained that the events and their aftermath will pass, but if they "attach" them to CH, the stigma will remain long after.

    Thanks for the site, and may continue to report only b’suros tovos y’shu’os v’ne’chomos.

  • 3. Anonymous wrote:

    Dear Shliach,

    This issue has been raised with me personally and in a few other emails, in which people complain that all of a sudden Crown Heights seems so scary and unsafe.

    While it is true, the way things are reported defiantly makes it seem so, even I sometimes take a look back and say, ive been to two muggings and one accident in one night, what is this place coming to?

    So, I came to the conclusion that no, this place has always been like this and now that I began covering all these incidents (for a year and a half now) people are beginning to take note of this.

    Now if we have enough incidents of our own, why do I cover things that aren’t related to our community? Well its simple, we all live here and like you said, its important to take note of our surrounding, which reason you disagree with, and rightfully so! Because the real reason is more then “just taking note” it’s a Trend, police being ineffective and inadequate, people walking around at 2:00am with a false sense of security.

    To summarize this, its not knowledge, these are all incidents that affect every single one of us, and I believe that everyone needs to be informed!


    The wording is “Click here for a newscast of this event” not “Click here to see a video of this incident”. I don’t think its gets any more neutral then this.

  • 4. Sara wrote:

    I am not sure if you chose the wording on your own, but I fail to understand, why the title to the link given is worded as "see this event!" Those words would be more appropriate if you were inviting us to see a circus, not to see a video about a person being assaulted. This is a troubeled woman, troubeled police officers, and violence. Please be a little more sensitive in the future.

  • 5. Cee wrote:

    Shliach, the people who live here want to know about these crimes. It’s important for people to know and for people to get outraged so that we band together and fight it. We can’t allow the police in our own community to be so unfair to us. Allow criminals to walk and be violent with people who get traffic tickets. Crime has risen here, especially violent crimes.

    It’s out of control and you can’t answer everything with a nice story of the Rebbe. We need to be safe in our own homes, our children need to be safe walking home from school. By publicising these events it motivates people to fight it.

    PS – Sara. The proper wording is event. That is why they call it "current events"

    When a story occurs it is refereed to as an "event"

    It’s actually frum institutions who have been using that word incorrectly. A Neshei Chabad meeting is not "an event" it’s a meeting. A Pesach music concert is not "an event" it’s a concert or attraction. When something "happens" that is an "event."

  • 7. Darnpolice wrote:

    Here we go again in Crown Heights. I must be something in the water. Another police officer in the spotlight after so many were this year. I do not see a lot posted in regards to this incident as I feel it does not involve my lovely jewish bretheren. If it did, there would be a full scale riot. This precint is always in the news in some sort of fashion.
    Is anyone going to comment?
    There so not be a link to the civiliam complain board at all I feel and it is accessible to the public at the precint.

  • 8. come on... wrote:


    I’m certain that you mean well for our community however the information that this web site gives is nothing other then the honest truth. It doesn’t give crown height any different of a name then people allready have, and if it does, people aught to face the music. We are in a deep deep golus and like it sais in the torah"esav soneh es yaakov" this should echo within everyones ears in order to remain safe. So denial never realy got us anywhere and if this info. effects your view of crown heights please do yourself a faver and refraim from reading any such articles!

  • 9. ms wrote:

    I got a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt on Empire and Brooklyn.. watch out people.. they are getting lazy and observing from the police station..

  • 10. CH Mom wrote:

    I think Shliach has a point. It is true that the statistics are not so different, only the reporting. And also, we must be kept aware of our surroundings, etc, etc
    BUT, don’t we have enough personal pain and tragedies to cope with? Fires, muggings, fights, accidents, the list goes on. We are overwhelmed with trauma and stress. It can cause over-sensitivity and stress, or it can cause a hardening, sort of a callousness and INsensitivity, sort of getting used to it all; neither are good
    We need the truth, but we need to concentrate on the positive, the heroes, etc

  • 11. Necha wrote:

    We’ve had enough of people like yourself who want to bury their heads in the sand.:Fact:While Crown Heights is much better than it was it’s still a neighborhood with too much crime.People have to be aware of this so they can take precautions and fight back.Had Yankel Rosenbaum and Australian, unaware of the true dangers of a ghetto neighborhood known the dangers, he would have know to keep away and been alive today.Tragic, sad, but true.

  • 12. Darnpolice wrote:

    Honest truth? I feel this website is nothing more than opinions regarding situations at hand. Crown Heights is a troubled neighborhood and there is a lot of crime and a lot of political turmoil. It is unbelievable.
    The 71 precint is always in the political limelight. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
    If there are any auxiliary spies out there, we want to know who this cop is. We want to know who this troublemaker is so we can picket and take a stand.

  • 14. dude wrote:

    These cops have no respect. At lease the family mebers have the right atatude, and are not leaving the 71st precinct until they get what they want. We should take note!

  • 15. Itzik_s wrote:

    The crime stats are garbage. Period. Incidents are not being reported properly and everyone knows this.

  • 16. AY wrote:

    The statistics would be more comforting if the police were actually reporting all the crimes that took place. How many stories have we seen here where police just chose to look the other way or just let the perps go? That’s how they are getting the statistics down this year, ignoring crime. That doesn’t make me feel safer.

  • 17. To Webby or Techie: wrote:

    For the benefit of those who are confused about the situation with the police in CH, I suggest:
    1. Make a report by gathering all the info that you can get about troubling (unfair) incidents with the police involving Yidden. (However, in cases where there is absolutely no relevance to us, I agree with Shliach and wonder why you report such cases.)
    2. Submit to whomever can help.
    It is time to act in some way…
    Please post this report on your site to help show what is happening in CH.

  • 18. Inquiring wrote:

    I apologize if this was mentioned before, but why does every car accident have to be reported? I can understand the purpose of reporting crime as Webby wrote earlier, but why report on every accident? It scares people each time they see such a headline, and then it turns out to be someone who is not from our community. This is a Jewish site, no?


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