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Couple attacked on Eastern Parkway

Crown Heights — On Motzei Shabbos a Lubavitcher couple walking on Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights was attacked by a group of Black teenagers yelling anti-semitic epithets.

At around 12:30 am, the couple was walking home from escorting a Shabbos guest to her homeless shelter on Ralph Avenue by Eastern Pkwy, and were attacked by a group of Black teenagers on the promenade of Eastern Parkway between Rochester and Utica Avenues.

The teens first threw various projectiles at the couple, then began verbally harassing them, including various anti-semitic comments. Then one teen approached from behind and punched the man several times in the head and shoulder, before backing off and leaving the scene.

The 77th precinct responded, brought the couple back to the scene to try to identify any of the youths involved, which proved unsuccessful. The officers took the couple back to the police station where several officers, detectives and the captain on duty interviewed the couple numerous times as to the details of the incident.