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Hundreds Attend the Levaya of R. Yaisef Deitsch OB”M

A large motorcade escorting R. Yosef Yitzchok Deitsch pulled up in front of 770, the Lubavitch World Headquarters, where hundreds of Bochurim, Men and Woman joined the Levaya from where it made its way to the Montefiore Cemetery in Queens where he was buried.


  • 1. time to do something good! wrote:

    I think when something happends like this it’s important for everyone to take on a hachlata. It’s not enought to just be sad! We need to do something to show Hashem that enoough is enough! take on something small that you can keep! Moshiach now!! May everyone be comforted!

  • 2. Yehudis E. wrote:

    I second what the REbbe said, "vifeel ah shir kleiben nachas" reffering to Hashem reaping nachas from us doing mitzvohs regardless of how much we get hit. It’s high time the aibishter fulfills our lifelong dream and reveals moshiach NOW! then we will all be reunited with our dear ones Le olom voed.


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