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Jewish boarding school to open

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Facility will be only such school in Minnesota

A Jewish boarding school for boys will open its doors in Cottage Grove this fall.

Yeshiva High School of the Twin Cities is buying the vacant Eagle Grove Baptist Church and hopes to teach and house about 30 boys from across the United States and other countries, said Rabbi Mottel Friedman, its director.

Friedman said the 12,000-square-foot building is exactly what school officials were looking for. It has a study hall, classrooms, kitchen, dining room and rooms for the students to live in.

The suburban location also was attractive because there aren’t as many distractions as there would be in the city, Friedman said. School officials want the students to focus on their studies.

Friedman said students at the boarding school will be active in community service, whether helping out at the local food shelf or stopping by a senior home regularly.

“Many schools just focus on academics,” he said, “and that’s important. But our focus is more on the complete person, about being a good person and a good human being and knowing your role in society.”

So far, about 20 students have enrolled. Several are from the Twin Cities; others are from Florida, California, Great Britain and Israel.

Many found out about the school through the Orthodox Jewish community and publications, Friedman said.

The Twin Cities has been home to other Jewish boarding schools, but Yeshiva will be Minnesota’s only such school after it opens, Friedman and others said.

Cottage Grove Mayor Sandy Shiely said she is looking forward to having the school in the city.

“I have every reason to believe it’s a good fit for the neighborhood,” Shiely said. “I’m glad they’re going to become a part of the community.”

Friedman said school officials are excited as well.

“The doors are always open,” he said. “We’re going to be community and neighborhood friendly. That’s our goal.”

If you’re interested in more information about the yeshiva or would like to register your son, please visit


  • 2. CH Parent wrote:

    The Yeshiva sounds like it would be a wonderful place for so many Bochurim.
    Keep up the good work!

  • 3. Proud to be a Minnesotan wrote:

    Mazel Tov! Minnesota deserves a good school, and IYH Rabbis Friedman will be up to the task! It looks like a beautiful building. Just make sure that the boys get good food and regular outlets (including exercise). Bhatzlacha!

  • 4. Finally a Good School for our Youth wrote:

    Sounds very cool. Finally a yeshivah focused on creating healthy human beings — as tomchei temimim was originally established for. G-d bless Manis Friedman!

  • 5. Joshua wrote:

    lets us hope this is a start for a good yeshiva and that it will produce strong boys who will have an impact on society

  • 6. chasidishe parent wrote:

    why very little info about the ruchniyous is this what a true lubavitch yeshiva looks like?


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